Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally a finish!!

Remember in the last post that I'd bought a new camera that would become 'the horsey one's ' but not until I'd bought a new camera for myself????? Well she forgot that golden rule and when I finally finished a quilt yesterday 20 minutes before it had to be wrapped and on its way my darling daughter had the camera 30 minutes out of town taking horsey photos!!!! No I wasn't happy ! in fact I was so so so disappointed! Seems like I don't have many finishes and this was the biggest quilt I've ever achieved so to not have photographic proof...... I did take a photo on SH's phone but as to whether I ever work out how to transfer that to the computer!! (think I've admitted before that I'm technologically challenged! The quilt I finished was for my niece Skye's 18th birthday present (just happened that her birthday was in January - oops!). It was lovely and bright and I got it quilted rather than try and tackle that myself. By all accounts when SH delivered it last night she loved it. Unfortunately today I also remembered I hadn't labelled it!
The next quilt I am going to tackle and which I'd hoped to start today (I did get the fabric ironed) is a baby quilt for a workmates grandchild which was due yesterday! (mmm think there is a theme happening of me running behind schedule!!). I have different mint and white patterned fabrics and am going to try a shaggy quilt for the first time. I plan on backing it in polar fleece and am just hoping that will work with the shaggy?? Has anyone tried this ? got some advice??
The planning has finally started coming together for our US trip. This time in 3 months we will be there and half way through our adventure. We've had to modify our plans a little both because the budget was blowing out and we were going to be on too tight time schedule. So far I have booked our accommodation in Anaheim and also our baseball tickets! All of us are looking forward to that, just disappointed we won't be able to get to a basketball match too. The horsey one and I have booked concert tickets (for her really - I am tagging along because I can't let her go to a concert by herself and her Dad and Brother are NOT volunteering for this one!!) to see .....wait for it.......Miley Cyrus!!!!
Anyone got any recommendations for accommodation in San Francisco, Las Vegas or LA - please let me know.
Better go and watch some mindless tv before turning in for the night, I am one episode behind in Desperate Housewifes and as it is on again tomorrow night maybe I better watch that tape. I am still so far behind in my blog reading and commenting and also replying to comments left for me. Thank you for hanging in there with me and one day I promise I will be back on track!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wedding bells are ringing!

Well I'm back again and yes I wasn't overly successful last time!! Why does life think it has the right to get in the way of 'good fun'! As I said I have SO much to share. I have decided to keep my posts short and sweet and much more frequent. Today has to be a pictureless one as we are having a few camera disasters. The horsey one broke her camera in China (she thinks she dropped it one too many times - yep that would do it!!) and lo and behold mine stopped working not long after. I rushed out and bought a new camera for the horsey one on the proviso it was for the whole family until I bought myself a new one. Now it is playing up so it might be back to the shop tomorrow.
Last week my sister (baby if you must know!) celebrated her 40th Birthday. She lives in England and Mum (whose birthday is the same date) was over there celebrating with her. In the evening her partner Iain (they have been together about 15 years) took her for a walk (in the cold and drizzle) along the canal near their home. She was panicking that maybe he'd planned a surprise party and everyone was arriving at that moment!! No need to worry, instead he proposed! To celebrate her accepting he screwed a small plaque into the fencepost that stated they had become engaged at that place on that date!!!!!!!!!!!! How romantic is that? The next exciting part of the story is I may just have to travel to the UK sometime next year to celebrate their wedding. I am so happy for her and wish her and Iain every happiness for the future.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am still here!

No I haven't fallen off the side of the earth and yes I am alive and well!! Things have just been busy, chaotic, a little crazy and a little overwhelming lately. Those spare minutes I am always looking for have vanished altogether. I haven't been visiting blogs and if I have I haven't been commenting so please forgive me, you are all in my bloglines and I intend catching up with your news as soon as I can! I have lots to share, parcels, family news and there has even been finishes!!! Yes a quilt top is away being quilted as we speak. This week the computer has been in high demand as my HS completes a lot of homework including a large VIP project for school before our mid year holidays start at the end of this week. Oh I wish he had been blessed with 'organised' 'don't leave everything to the last minute' genes!!! Anyway the plan is I will be posting again with some regularity from now and catching up with myself. Wish me luck!!!!