Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One sleep to go!!!

Well we are down to the business end of things now and it is only 1 sleep till we fly out on our holiday to the USA. We are all getting excited except unfortunately myself. I am a stress head and until we leave town this afternoon for the motel near the airport I will be trying to do the impossible and be organised - which I am not!! So much still to do today including a trip to the hairdresser which I will enjoy. We have not had the perfect lead up with lots of dramas in the last fortnight. The 'horsey' one hurt her ankle badly, tore tendons etc and ended up on crutches , missing a netball grand final and going to numerous physio appointments. Think she will manage the trip okay but the strapping tape is packed!!! SH was diagnosed with Diabetes , he had a rapid onset of symptoms over a 10 day period (although testing shows he must of been feeling lousy for months) so is on medication. Luckily he has had some improvement already and it shouldn't affect our trip but of course it made our existing travel insurance invalid so lots of wasted hours were spent organising more!! HS had two major pieces of work to finish before we left for his 2 year 12 subjects, made more interesting by the fact that he left for Geography camp on Sunday until this afternoon. The work was completed and handed in although the message came home yesterday that there is a problem with one piece - oh joy!!!! I have to apologise for not posting, reading, commenting and blogging in general properly this last fortnight. My friend Robyn who I manage the retail sales on her internet business www.orangedaisy.com.au has a project in the latest Homespun magazine and very kindly, generously and naively offered 2 free buttons. Never did she imagine the response she would get. I have been eating , sleeping and dreaming buttons and orders for the last 10 days!!!!!!!
We fly out at 10.15am tomorrow. Not sure how often I will post while away, will be back properly in 3 weeks!!! USA here I come!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My new babies.....

I've said it before but sometimes I am blown away by the generosity of bloggers! Amy from the Calico Cat was trying to find new homes for some of her cat fabric so a parcel of kittens made its way to my place. I am in 'cat' heaven, all shapes, sizes and colors. My mind is full of projects I can use these for. Thank you so much Amy, it is a wonderful parcel .
This is my other new baby! I have finally bought a new camera in time for 'the' trip!!!! (under a week now ). It is compact and basic enough I should be able to manage it okay. A friend has the same one and the quality of the photos is lovely. I was able to get a local store to match a great price I could get online but sadly could only get it in silver not the groovy green I was wanting. To make up for it I bought this cute little red case to protect it!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A quilty dilemma!

When SH called in to Mums for a coffee one day last week she sent him home with a parcel, a quilt each for the cats Fred and Peter to take to the cattery next week while we are away. She'd found them in the cupboard and they were 'old' things that might 'just' do for our furry friends!!!! When I opened the parcel over the weekend I found 2 small quilts Mum has made that I think are just gorgeous. She says the attic window one isn't quilted properly and the colors didn't work in the other one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay the question is what do I do? (our household is divided) Do I
send the quilts off to the cattery with Fred and Peter or do I add them to my quilt cupboard to enjoy?????

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I did warn you a week ago that there was crafty content coming up!!! This is my first facecloth that I've knitted. Hard to see with the variegation in the wool (well actually it's a bamboo cotton) but it has a beautiful butterfly design worked into it. I love that it was quick and easy and fun to knit. I can see many more being made, in fact the next one is on the needles already!!!