Monday, October 31, 2011


Although we don't celebrate Halloween widely here in Australia I always buy a bowl of sweets 'just in case' someone comes 'trick n treating'. They came the year before last and I had nothing in the house to give them so I try to be prepared now!

On our trip to the US 2 years ago ( I can't believe it was that long ago already) we loved all the Halloween decorations everywhere especially at Disneyland. These  photos are just an example of how beautifully it was decorated.
One of the highlights of our trip (please don't laugh!!) was a trip to a local Walmart. The kids were thrilled to see the aisles and aisles of Halloween costumes and sweets. They just may of tried a few for size!!! We are still regretting not bringing that Whoopie cushion costume home!!!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Speech Day 2011

Speech Day 2011
The 'Horsey one ' was inducted as a Prefect for Year 12 2012.
Lots of pomp, ceremony, beautiful music and vocal performances.
What a lovely day and what proud parents we are!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Poor Fred!

Poor Fred!
Not only does he need to suffer the humiliation of having 'this' photo posted again but he is sporting a 'not so fluffy' tail after last night jumping onto the kitchen bench, going just a little too close to the cooktop and setting his tail on fire!!!! I kid you not! Luckily it looked worse than it was and he actually didn't burn himself but his pride is hurt and the smell of singed fur was not pleasant!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I wonder...

Not sure that Jimmy is a huge help with homework!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Road trip???

Just seen Chookyblues post about Nundle 2012!!!!  Anyone tempted and interested in a road trip????

My name....

There has been some talk in blogland about how blogs are named and I am a little bit late jumping on the wagon but thought I'd share anyway.
It is pretty simple - I love cats and chocolate so simply combined 2 of my favorite things! A home is not a home without a cat and there is the worry that in my latter years I may end up as a 'crazy cat lady'!!! and my day is not complete without chocolate. I have a taste most days and ALWAYS have some in my secret stash - just in case!!!
Anyone else that hasn't told care to let us know how you named your blog??

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some random thoughts..

I have a cold and am feeling miserable so although I really want to keep posting daily (and in theory it becomes a habit) I have no idea what to write I thought I would just ramble a few things that I need to share (and that to be honest no one else really needs to know about!!)
  • HS is doing well back at work, on full hours but not quite full duties yet. He is going to physio and hand therapy each week and although the therapists thought his progress was slow they are very pleased this week. He is in Melbourne tonight for a heavy metal concert!
  • Work is not so enjoyable these days but I am sure it will turn around soon, a time of conflict and change - neither that I handle particularly well. Only 4 hours to work tomorrow then it is over until Monday morning again!
  • The 'horsey' one went back to school after holidays this week. It will be a busy term for her with exams and end of year activities. Leadership positions are announced next week so fingers crossed that she gets the position she would like.
  • My crochet is growing, I loved working on it in the car on the weekend, the trip went really quickly. SH is getting some more wool for me tomorrow when he is out of town for a meeting. Not so happy about having to visit Spotlight but he will do it for me!!
  • My mystery BOM has had no more progress but looks at me daily and tempts me! Sunday will be a home day so I have promised it an outing then!
  • I am slowly making progress with my SSCS but as it is a secret can't say any more than that!!
  • I have a new recipe for a Honeycomb ice cream cake which I bought the ingredients for a week ago but still haven't made it! Hopefully I will be sharing soon!
  • A big Hi to 3 new readers that have found my blog and that I know in real life, Michelle P, Karen and Maddie!
And that is that.........................hope to be back tomorrow with something of interest to share!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alice in Wonderland...

We had a trip to Melbourne on the weekend to attend a lunch to celebrate my Aunty Judy's 70th Birthday. She wanted the theme of Alice in Wonderland. The cake was AMAZING!!! One larger cake as a teacup and then 69 tiny cupcakes all decorated to go with the theme. They were white chocolate mudcake and not only looked great but tasted good too!! My favorite had to be the red spotted mushrooms and the 'eat me' cakes although every time you looked you saw something extra. The day went as planned and July loved every minute of it celebrating with the family she loves surrounding her!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A new interest!

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from A Spoonful of Sugar recently and so I am going to delve into the world of digital scrapbooking (because I don't have enough to do already!!!). I won a software package from My Memories which was nice and easy to download (actually the 'horsey' one had to do it for me - remember I am technologically challenged!). I did have to put it onto the 'horsey' one's laptop because mine is struggling and I really need to replace it, once I find that money tree of course! I haven't had a decent play with the package yet but plan to use it to create a 2011 memory book for the kids to put in their Christmas stockings and also to begin creating a 'family' recipe book. Whether these things actually happen or not it will be fun playing! Thank you to Lisa and Sarah for hosting the giveaway and to My Memories for the prize. As I learn what I am doing I will share with you!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Keeping it real!

A day off today and don't I feel better after a hair cut and color and a waxing appointment....Life is grand!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday! to a dear friend....

Happy 21st Birthday Laurissa!
To a beautiful girl inside and out xxx
Wish we could be with you in Perth to help celebrate.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mmmmm.....a rambling post about nought!

I started this post with a photo of a box of Lindt Petite Dessert chocolates which I was lucky enough to be given at work today from a Locum physio who has returned home. The photo has disappeared into a black hole. My computer is badly in need of being replaced so I really don't have the energy to load it again with the chance it may disappear once more so please just imagine it!!! I have the new 'blogger' interface on and with it have found a few extra tools such as a choice of fonts so will have fun experimenting and playing for the next few days! I am so proud of myself for posting every day and it is becoming routine now , wish my daily walk would happen like that too! I am finding it difficult some days to think of something to talk about and so I tend to ramble like today, my apologies. I know it is not long since I did a 'I am watching' post but I have gone from watching very little on tv to having a smorgasboard to choose from. Survivor returned last week and the Amazing Race returns this week. Junior Masterchef is on as is X factor and excitingly the Mentalist returns tonight. I do love this show! Does anyone else watch??

Sunday, October 2, 2011

An hour!

This morning I sent SH and the 'horsey' one off to Pony Club determined to actually get some jobs done.

A priority on the list was organising myself for the annual SSCS that Chookyblue hosts. Time management is not my strong point but this year I am determined to be organised. I drew up a chart (hard to see in this photo because of the pretty colored pens I used!!). I have worked out how many weeks I have and what I want to get done each week to stay on task. Let's see how it goes!!!

This year I have signed up for the Fat Quarter Shop's Mystery BOM. I need some practice piecing and this is a great affordable BOM. It is in Strawberry Fields which is a fabric line I really like which makes it even nicer. This last week I received Block 4 which made 4/4 not even started. There are always other things needing my attention but today I decided the world would not end if I sewed for an hour!! I set the timer and off I went. I didn't get the first block finished, I am measuring things 3 times before cutting and taking my time but I am happy with what I have achieved so far! I will make another time for later this week, I had forgotten how good for the soul creating is!

I am on dinner duty tonight so off to try a new recipe, a chicken Paella!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Go Cats!!!

Today is the AFL grand final and we have our fingers and toes crossed that the Cats get up over the Pies. The house is decorated with posters and balloons (skipped the streamers this year because of the rain) and took some lovely photos but without the memory card in the camera so you will just have to believe me! The pies are in the oven (meat pies not Collingwood) and we also all have a Cadbury chocolate football for the afternoon. Note - do not buy them when they first come out at $10 each but wait until Grand final week when they are only $2.50! For once I had a win!! The heater is on and the crochet is waiting.....Jimmy is ready and has been practising his ball skills this morning , he is named after Jimmy Bartel so has quite an interest.
Now for the game.........