Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear Secret Santa,

Dear Secret Santa,
Where do I start in thanking you for the wonderful parcel I received from you? I feel so spoilt. Every part of it was just lovely. I opened the decorations as soon as I received it and they looked beautiful on my tree which was decorated in red and white this year. The angel took pride of place on the top. I got just a little teary opening the little bag of marzipan. It was something we had on our table every Christmas Eve, sent over from Norway from my father's family. Since he passed away it is something we haven't had. Thank you. The two parcels took pride of place under my tree and I opened them with such anticipation. The first one had the beautiful serviettes and the Tilda stickers. I would of been happy with just those but no there was more..... I could not believe my eyes when not only was there a bag but inside 2 purses to match!! You have put so much work into making them for me and I am looking forward to using them. You chose to remain my Secret Santa but I would love to thank you personally. Please leave me a comment if you read this before Elf Chookyblue is able to give me your email address.
Thank you

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tell her I sent you.....

Sssh Missie Krissie is having a Christmas giveaway! From Sunday through until Christmas Day she is giving away a piece of handcrafted jewellery each day. I have fallen in love with it especially the 'flower ring' that is the Christmas Day present. I cannot recommend Kris and her creations enough. Not only is she lovely with the cutest boys but her service is exceptional and her work amazing. I am lucky enough to have one of her Jewellery Trees under the Christmas tree, wouldn't it be nice to have something new to put on it!!! Hop on over to and have a look! (sorry the link isn't working for some insane reason!!)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Silly Season - Day 11

Actually achieved a little Christmas shopping today so that has made me a little calmer and soothed that 'out of control' feeling just a little!! Tonight I have ordered the last of my sister's family gifts online, so much easier when they are in the UK. To SH's dismay I still had 1 parcel to post to them this year which was slightly !!! expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had an appointment at the hairdressers this morning so after a cut and color am feeling as if I can do anything, really is good for the soul even if only for the fact you have to sit still for an hour and do nothing!
Another parcel in the post today which was ordered a few weeks ago and Peg from Happy In Quilting is to blame. When she showed the colored Osnaberg I just had to have some. I am so pleased with what arrived today, perhaps the only color I am disappointed with is the pale pink which isn't very pale at all. Sure it will find a use though! I purchased this from Freckleberry Farm. Have to admit 3 of these pieces are for Mum so not all mine!

Silly Season - Day 10 (and still a day behind!!)

Hurray no work today and the first day of the school holidays!! After a busy week of school carol services and exam results it is lovely to have no routine to stick to - for the kids anyway. I know that by the middle of January I will be looking forward to it again but for now I will enjoy not having to wash uniforms and make lunches....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Silly Season - Day 9

While we on our holiday in the USA (which I am still to share with you all!!!) we spent a day with an old friend of Mum's and her husband. For dinner they served us up a beautiful dish of 'ribs' which HS fell in love with and all of us enjoyed. Sjane very kindly posted me the recipe but it called for 'liquid smoke', something not readily available here in Australia and especially where we live. We managed to find a company in Melbourne that sells US food products so placed an order which arrived in super quick time. We also ordered the molasses needed for the recipe, a red velvet cakemix and some poptarts - just because!!! Ribs are now on the menu this weekend!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silly Season - Day 8

This week we have welcomed 'Henry' to the family! The new love for 'the horsey one'. She has been very unlucky with her last 2 horses just not turning out to be suitable for one reason or another so after a term without a horse (to concentrate on her schoolwork!!) we have found Henry. We have him on trial for the summer holidays and if he works out we will buy him. Up until now we have been able to free lease her horses but it is time for her very own. Fingers crossed he will be everything she wants with no major character flaws. So far he is very sweet natured.

(yes I know I am a day behind - story of my life!!!)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Silly Season - Day 7

This was an exciting parcel to receive but not exactly just for me!!!! A parcel of the new colors from "Country Garden Threads" that are hand dyed here in Australia by Pam, a very lovely lady. They are so nice to use and the colors are just amazing. My favorite (although it is very hard to have favorites) at the moment is 'Kookaburra'. These are actually for where they are available to purchase by the individual skein or in color families. Not all of the new colors are listed yet but they have arrived!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Silly Season - Day 6

Very tired tonight so not much to say just showing you my latest purchases!!! with the assistance of Peter!!!
The 'Happy Villages' book from Amazon. I've wanted this for ages and with the exchange rate good thought now was the time.
Two patterns I ordered at the AQM from 'My Favorite Things', some very cute reindeer and a Christmas quilt with a painted panel, just a little different.
Also ordered at the AQM, a gorgeous book 'Not quite white', a book of Patchwork Home Decor from Julie McKenzie of Material Possessions. I also got another 2 of her patterns, Oriental Girls cushions and a very clever 'Stitchers on the go' bag.
I always love the patterns from Hatched and Patched. Mum has had the Christmas book for a while but I wanted my own copy. Of course I couldn't stop at one thing!! I also picked up two patterns for table runners.
My Moda sampler box from the Fat Quarter Shop, they gave me a $5.00 voucher so I had to spend it!! Can't wait to start playing with it.

Think I am going to be very busy in 2010!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Silly Season - Day 5

Well this is what I am heading off to the Boarding house with this morning. Bribery and corruption is worth a try if it means peace and quiet with so many tired girls, fresh from finishing exams and looking forward to heading home to their families on Thursday. These are little 'chocolate plum puds' which are super super easy!! The base is a Chocolate Royal biscuit (a biscuit base,chocolate coated marshmallow biscuit) with melted white chocolate drizzled on the top and then I used an icing pen to put the holly and ivy on top. In the past I have cut up red and green cherries (very sticky and fiddly) and last year I managed to get some 'sprinkles' in the shape of ivy leaves and holly berries, again quite fiddly but a great result. These are not the best I've ever made (oh thats a loose term, not a whole lot of making required!!)but as they are going to forever starving boarders I wasn't too upset. I will also take a pile of dvds in the hope there is something there that interests them and keeps them occupied tonight!!

Just realised this is a terrible photo - sorry!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Silly Season - Day 4

My SSCS parcel arrived safe and sound today all the way from Norway which makes me very happy. Most people may not know that I am actually half Norwegian . Dad was from Norway and came to Australia in the 60's so it is a country close to my heart even though I haven't spent a lot of time there. I opened my decoration while still being able to keep my Santa's identity secret. Look at it , 2 beautiful felted hearts and an angel, even better in the colors I've decided to have as my Christmas theme this year. I plan to decorate on Sunday (better late than never) so look forward to putting them up then.
I'm on duty in the boarding house tomorrow so plan on making a Christmas treat for them. Photos in the morning if a/ they work okay and b/ I actually find the time to do them!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silly Season - Day 3

Saturday was one of the local agricultural shows. It is where we have our home ground for our Pony Club so we run the Pony Club ring in the horse events and try and support it and keep it going. Compared to the past it is such a small little show but so quaint and has a personality all of its own. The horse events are still very well attended and apart from a fleece competition the next biggest thing is the 'Dog Competitions'!!!!! For the 2nd year we took Jimmy ( I was very reluctant but 'the horsey one' convinced me she could control him!! ). He came home with 3 ribbons, a 1st for The Best Large Pet Dog, a 1st for The Longest Ears, and for the 2nd year in a row a 2nd ribbon for the Most Obedient Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No he wasn't the only one in that class and maybe just maybe the human food (including cheese) that 'the horsey one' was feeding him kept him still. His father is very proud of his puppy!!! but I am still not convinced!!!

This evening I have made some decisions which I feel better for doing but feel so guilty. I have to learn to slow down and learn to say NO occasionally if I am going to struggle for time. I have a tendency to try and please everyone else and don't always look after myself. Life is busy but I have been putting ridiculous pressures on myself to do everything. I am hoping the person I am letting down this weekend understands.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Silly Season Day 2

I had a list of parcels I was expecting in the mail, what with Christmas shopping I'd done online (I love it!)and parcels from my purchases at the AQM but when I arrived home from work the other day there was a parcel waiting on my doorstep that I didn't recognise. When I opened it , what a surprise! A blogging friend had purchased this little Holly Hobbie toy sewing machine and I commented on how many memories it brought back from my childhood.( I loved Holly Hobbie and had lots of Holly Hobbie things which unfortunately are all gone, along with my ABBA socks, pillowcase etc, sorry I digress!!!) She sent me the machine to have a special place in my home. Thank you so much, it will be treasured. The blogging 'friends' I have met are the most generous and thoughtful people, I really feel very blessed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Silly Season Day 1

Well the 1st of December so the silly season has officially begun!!! This is when I begin to panic. Up until now I can kid myself that it doesn't matter that I'm not organised! One thing was ticked off the list last week when my SSCS parcel hit the post office. Can't wait to see if my partner likes it and to see where the one I receive comes from.
Look at the great mail that arrived yesterday, anyone would think I had all the time in the world to just sit around and read!!!!
Just realised I could do a whole weeks posts on the mail I have received in the last week (lots of it quilty!) , mmmm not a bad idea, stay tuned!