Monday, July 27, 2009

A Princess Party!

This last weekend saw me up bright and early decorating 'Princess cupcakes'. These photos aren't the best but I was pleased with how they turned out. One of the physios at work was turning 30 and having a 'Princess' party to celebrate. She moved to Australia from South Africa with her husband last year so without family here thought I could help just a little with the catering!! I worked in the girls boarding house at school for the day, this term I am only doing the day shift as opposed to a 24 hour shift I had been doing so I was actually looking forward to it. I was hoping to get quite a bit of stitching done but the girls wanted to talk and before I knew it the day was over! I convinced the 'horsey' one to go to the party with me 'for just half an hour' ( I am a real home body) but as is often the case when we got there we had a great time. They had gone to so much trouble with the decorations and the food (think they catered for around 50 when there were only about 20 there!!) and everyone (except us!) were in costume! Tatum - the birthday girl - was Snow White, her husband prince charming, there was a ninja turtle, Pippi Longstocking, Minnie Mouse, the fairy godmother and the list goes on. We still only stayed about an hour, as I was driving I didn't partake of the punch or the vodka jelly shots, mmm fairly sure there would of been a few sore heads the next day! Oh to be young again!! We had party bags to take home, she really had thought of everything. Wish I could show you photos but didn't think to take my camera (guess that means I 'm still only a blogger in training!!).

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday again! Oops actually its now Tuesday!!

We had a real winter weekend! Saturday the 'horsey' one played netball at 8.30 am and even my coat and scarf didn't provide a lot of protection from the cold wind that was blowing. Took quite some time to thaw out the feet when I got home! Got a bit of my cooking mojo back on the weekend (yes about time!!). Made these hummingbird cupcakes on saturday morning , very easy and yummy. Next time I will pop some lemon cream cheese icing on and they will be perfect!
I actually got to my quilting group saturday afternoon as SH kindly made the trip out of town for the 'horsey' one to play hockey. There were only 3 of us there but it was good for the soul! I worked a little on this golf quilt which has been a few years in the making. Quite a long story behind it all which I will share one day. It is no longer being made for the intended recipient but I am looking forward to it being finished one day and I am sure SH will enjoy snuggling under it!! I am just trying to finish the blanket stitch applique then it will be time to sandwich it together.
Saturday I also made a soup in my slow cooker for the first time. Please remember I am not very adventuresome when it comes to cooking and generally don't tweak recipes or in fact 'make them up'!!! This was made from a chicken and barley base and I just added lots and lots of vegies. We ate it for dinner with crusty bread and it was so good! Think soup in the slow cooker may become a Saturday evening tradition!!!
Sunday Mum came for lunch. She arrived back from 7 weeks visiting my sister in the UK on Tuesday so it was so nice to catch up with all her news. It was lovely to see photos of my nieces and nephew, they are so cute! Daisy the oldest wrote Mum the sweetest love poem when she left, brought a tear to my eye! The other reason Mum came for lunch was to celebrate the 'horsey' one's 15th birthday.It was actually a fortnight ago but she was away at a horse competition at the time (which devastated me but didn't worry her!!). Hard to believe my baby is 15!!! Where does the time go? As we had recently bought her a new riding hat and a camera we bought her a CD and sea monkeys for her birthday.The sea monkeys is something she has always wanted, not sure how much success she'll have (hasn't got a good track record with goldfish she got a few years ago - think she gave up after 5 died!!). We had the best lunch, roast pork , roast pumpkin, potato and parsnip, sugarsnap peas, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce, gravy , apple sauce and by request of the birthday girl - yorkshire pudding!!!! ( I know it is meant to be served with beef but as she doesn't eat the meat she couldn't see why it couldn't go with pork!!). For dessert I made a double pavlova with cream, strawberries and chocolate flakes - also by request of the birthday girl!! Needless to say we didn't need any dinner! Our perfect weekend was finished off watching the final of Masterchef and yes it lived up to our expectations and we were very happy with the result. Hope Julies cookbook is out in time for Christmas!!Quite some time ago, maybe even in May - yes I know how bad I have been, I was lucky enough to win a wonderful giveaway from Indigo Blue and received this lovely parcel . What with the chaos of my life and no camera I haven't posted about it. It was such a wonderful and generous parcel. I received a little bag in cupcake fabric (quite apt as it was through a cupcake swap that we originally met), a Cath Kitson keyring, a pincushion (very needed) and a wonderful selection of ribbons and buttons which have been hidden from the 'horsey' one. Thank you so much Andrea, I feel very blessed to have your friendship.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silence is golden.

It's 8.55am and the house is quiet, I mean really quiet and apart from a sleeping cat I am the only occupant. It is heavenly!!! After 3 weeks holiday I have this morning delivered my 3 darlings to school without too many objections or problems. The 'horsey' one can't find her favorite school jumper but as it is her own fault for having a room that is likely to be condemmed by the health department shortly for being a health risk I have no sympathy!! I have a list to attack and realistically there is no way I will even reach half way in ticking it off. I intend to dust and vacuum, cook a wholesome yummy dinner, finish a baby quilt (needing to be delivered tomorrow), do some bookwork, read the paper (before it is old news ) and rewatch last nights episode of Desperate Housewives which I slept through!!! ( I have learnt to tape as I watch shows as unfortunately this often happens). I am meeting an old work friend for coffee this afternoon before school pick up and the finish of this glorious day!!!
Totally off the subject and just quickly... I have admitted before that my tv viewing taste is considered by some to be dubious at best but I am just wondering does anyone else watch 'Private Practice'?????? We had the season finale the week before last and I can not get it out of my mind. Is it any further ahead in the States (think this is the finish of season 2) and can anyone tell me if it all turns out okay in the end??? or not?? This Thursday is the season finale of Greys Anatomy, looking like I will need a comfort block of chocolate and a huge box of tissues to watch it. This week is also the final week of Masterchef, our family has loved it and its been nice having a show that we all watch together. Not sure who I'm hoping will win .....
Anyway coffee and the newspaper along with putting on another load of laundry is calling!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome Sharron!

The last week and a half we have had an even busier household as we welcomed Sharron who will live with us for 11 weeks. She is Chinese from Hong Kong. Some of you may remember when I started blogging we had Sebastian living with us. This is his little sister. He was with us for 18 months before he moved on to Adelaide and boarding school. We still miss him so much. The father likes his children to have a western education and has some association with the school my children go to. It traditionally has quite a few asian boarders. Sebastian was too young to go into the boarding house so he lived with us. It was a huge!!! learning curve. He came to our school to learn the language and culture before going onto a 'bigger and better' school!!!! When we were initially asked to have Sharron we decided we wouldn't simply because of her age but then realised that her father would simply find someone else to have her and at least we know the family and problems that may happen. She is 9 years old and has been sent by herself to live with strangers in a foreign country for 11 weeks. Not quite sure how it can be justified. Apparently the children are academically gifted but we found with Sebastian that yes he was clever but not exceptionally and he had to work very hard at it. Why not let them be gifted with their own age group?? She is a gorgeous little girl who is coming out of her shell more and more every day. She has the most beautiful smile and laugh. The first few days were just horrible with her being very homesick and lots and lots of tears. Something heartbreaking about hearing a little girl sob herself to sleep. Dad thought it was character building and good for her!!
Welcome Sharron, we will do our very best to fill your time with us with positive and fun times!