Monday, February 28, 2011

New Beginnings kits on their way.

A parcel was popped in the mail to Jenny from Elefantz this morning, 6 more New Beginnings kits on their way to bring a smile to a fellow quilter. One was made by my Mum and four by a friend of hers 'Deb' , neither of them bloggers but both wanting to be involved and one from me. I sent SH to post them this morning asking him to use express post , he got such a shock when it cost $35!!!
Blogger was silly tonight and there was no way it was going to turn the first photo the right way up and unfortunately the photos are not very clear!
Tomorrow I will need to post my '1 Christmas item a month' , a few days late! Oops!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

On it's way - on time!!

Well my colour swap parcel is on it's way to my 'secret' partner!!! Maree from 'On my verandah' has hosted this swap, thank you so much to her for the organisation. I will share what is in it when I know my partner has received the parcel. It was a lot of fun putting it together.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lunch date!

No work today so a trip to Warrnambool to meet an old school friend for lunch. In the past we have planned to meet once a term but I think last year we only managed to see each other once! At least we have started this year. Of course we are never stuck for words!!!
The earthquake devastation in Christchurch New Zealand is a reminder to treat each day as your last and to make the time to see family and friends and let them know how important they are to you. My prayers go out to all those affected by the earthquake particularly those family members still waiting and hoping for a miracle.
Pony club meeting tomorrow night so best get back to the books so they are ready, now that is something I could do without!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rainbow slice

Another new slice this morning ready for school and work lunches and oh my goodness this is a winner!!! I have decided it is really too indulgent for lunches but it will definitely be made again. It has a lot of weetbix in it but is more moist than other weetbix slices I have made in the past. It was also in this months Super Food Ideas magazine and the recipe should also be on 'Rainbow slice'.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I have started!

I have started the cutting of the quilt for my s-i-l!!! Down to just a few weeks before it needs to be ready and so it is on its way. I love the fabrics I have chosen and luckily the pattern is easy enough that I should be able to whip it up pretty quickly!!!
I had a terrible shock when I logged on to Google reader this morning, over 500 posts sitting waiting for me! This keeping the house clean and tidy and actually playing with fabric is taking a lot of time! Sure I'll catch up soon....
See you then!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A new slice.

This afternoon I had my monthly quilting group so this morning I baked a slice to take with me. I tried a new recipe and really enjoyed the result. I got the recipe for the 'Choc-chip shortbread slice' out of the Super Food Ideas magazine for March, currently out. It was super easy.
At quilting I chose the pattern and which fabrics out of the range I am using for my s-i-l's quilt so hope to start cutting tomorrow.

Friday, February 18, 2011


SH is home again and all is well in my world!!! even better none of us seem to be showing any signs of scurvy after having to succumb to my cooking for a week! I will sleep well tonight!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mug Rug for me!

I recently entered a giveaway on Mare's nest blog and was lucky enough to receive a 'Mug rug' in the mail today. Although I've caught the craze myself this is my first , the few I've made I've given as gifts. Thank you so much Mary, I love it and will enjoy using it and thinking of all the wonderful friends from around the world that I have made in 'blog land'!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sadie Alice, my gorgeous goddaughter. It is so much fun watching you and your sister (also my goddaughter) Bianca Jade grow up. I hope you have had a fun day xxx

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love a clean , tidy house!

Nothing to tell today except for I have a new cleaning lady and she started today!!! I inherited her from friends who have moved interstate. I have a house which is both clean and tidy and I love it and all at the same time! Makes this busy work week and SH being away just a little easier.
Off to watch Packed to the Rafters and to enjoy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Job time....

Exciting news, after thinking maybe but not knowing for sure we found out today that HS starts his first 'proper' job on Wednesday morning at 7am! He will be working at the mineral sands mine in the lab. The job is for 12 months initially but if he likes it and works hard there are other opportunities at the end of this time. He did year 12 last year and really doesn't know what he wants to do as a career yet, this will buy him some time and most importantly for him bring in some $. I am so pleased for him.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

End of another week!

It is almost the end of another weekend and I am starting the new week already behind....maybe just maybe one day I will catch up with myself! I worked at the boarding house yesterday, managed to watch 3 episodes of Parenthood and am loving it. Also worked on a very old UFO, probably an hour of work left hand quilting it and putting the binding on and it will be done. It will be a '1 Christmas item a month' so plan to have it done by the 25th to share. Sylvia should recognise it!!! Today has been busy tidying and cleaning and now SH has headed off to Yarrawonga for the week for country week tennis. Watch out, can the kids and I catch 'scurvy' in just a week??? Standing joke in our house, I am lucky that SH does most of the evening meals (he enjoys it and is a much better cook than me) and when he is away I am happy to throw meals together!! I have already planned ahead this week and proper meals will be cooked and eaten! Have spent a little while this afternoon catching up on some blog reading but my computer is playing up and I had trouble leaving comments. Cardy I love your quilt and crossstitch, what special presents, Maree you are on a roll with those swimming bags, the Birthday cake looked so yummy - is there any left??? and that bag is so cute - how hard was it to make???, Country girl I need a new vacuum badly as well and hoping I can get my dream one soon!, Joolz - those crayfish made my mouth water and made my fish finger sandwich for dinner tonight seem really really sad and the beach - wish I was there now! Chooky, how sad for your neighbors having the fire, so lucky it wasn't worse.
Well trashy tv viewing then early to bed! Biggest loser and New Zealand's next top model here I come!!!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


One of my January goals was to choose fabric and a pattern for a quilt for my S-I-L for her special birthday which is coming up in March. It didn't happen but last night as I found a UFO in my cupboard to take to the boarding house today I started pulling out fabric!!! I knew when I saw it I would know!!! and I did! I had forgotten I had this fat quarter bundle of 'Simple Abundance'. I can't believe I hadn't already used it. Now to find a pattern and before you panic about my timeline remember I work well under pressure!! (and she is not having a celebration, we will just take her out to lunch so it won't matter so much if it isn't on time!!)
(the photo turned itself somehow!)

I found some photos on the camera yesterday that I haven't shared yet. These are some of my Birthday and Christmas gifts from last year - oops!
Tracey from Ozcountryquiltingmum and I go to the same quilting group and catch up as often as possible (we are going to try for a regular sewing afternoon this year) and I was lucky enough to get her Christmas gift at our Christmas luncheon. It was a cute little bag (with a cat) and some of her cards , I was almost out of them so was happy to get some more. If you've never seen them pop over and have a look.

From my Aunty for my Birthday was this bag, she has made it from panel fabric and it is different on each side. I love how she has included a key hook inside as I am always looking for my keys. It also has a pocket inside for my phone and purse. A bit hard to see but she also made me a folded grocery bag which will come in handy, I can never find them when I need them and try now to keep a few in the bottom of each handbag!

My very special 'bloggy' friend Catherine from Calidore sent me a surprise Birthday gift. My very own 'chocolate' bag!!! When she showed this fabric I was green with envy, fancy fabric with the word 'chocolate' all over it! so to get a little drawstring bag made in it made me very very happy! She also made me a project bag which has 'cat' fabric (she knows me well) and pockets all around the outside and a drawstring. I have SO MANY projects on the go that I need all of these bags.

And lastly one of my Christmas presents from my sister (remember she gave me the Whoopie pie tin and book - she gives great gifts), a 'Tiffin'. I may be wrong but think they originated maybe in India and are used as a lunch box. She thought as I seem to be always taking things here there and everywhere I would find it handy. Apart from that it is so cute looking!! Would you believe she posted it from the UK and it arrived safely. I'm looking forward to the next time I need to take morning tea to work and I can put all the different slices and cakes in each layer. The kids have asked me to please not use it every day for my lunch though!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Zumbo fever!

Another photoless post I'm afraid!!!
Did anyone else watch 'Zumbo' on SBS1 last night???? This show is a doco series of Master patissier Adriano Zumbo. He first came to my attention during Masterchef with his amazing 'dessert' creations. The whole family were interested to watch the first episode and we were not disappointed. We sat glued for the half an hour it was on. I wasn't aware he was such a 'quirky'(for want of a better word) character, he has a tattoo of Willy Wonka on his arm which I think speaks for itself. Last night's episode was all about 'macarons', he made 63 different flavors for 'macaron day'. There was some really really bizarre flavors - hamburger, pigs blood, burnt toast, redskin, peach and pork crackle are just some of them. Hopefully one day I will get to visit one of his two stores in Sydney. Can't wait for next weeks episode!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My boy....

Thank goodness work is over for the week!!! I finished at 12 today and have a day off tomorrow before fronting up at the other job at the boarding house on Saturday! As I was leaving work my HS sent me a text to say he was on the way home so on the spur of the moment I asked if he was interested in meeting for lunch. He really wasn't sure....but then decided that was a good idea. We went to my favorite cafe in town. The time together was just so special, he is not normally a big talker so it was lovely just the two of us. I am so proud of the young adult he has become xxx

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Superbowl fever!

As I am catching up on my blog reading after being away on the weekend I am reading a lot of different ways the Superbowl was celebrated and watched. We were not immune to Superbowl fever here , my SH actually took a half day off work to watch it!!! It aired at 10am on Monday morning. The team he was going for lost but luckily he quite liked the other team as well. Just another sport he has on his bucket list to watch live one day! I won't argue as that means another trip to the States one day!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pony Club Camp 2011

For Pony club camp this year we spent the weekend in Beachport using their pony club facilities. I have never spent any time in this area but will be rushing back, it is beautiful.
The pony club facilities are fantastic. This big hall has all old farm and horse equipment hung on their wall, the kids loved looking at it all. It was cold enough Saturday night to use the wood heater in the room which made it nice and cosy to sit around and chat. Only 5 families attended which was a shame that we didn't have more support but those that went had a great time.

The beaches were beautiful and the color of the sea is so hard to describe or capture. The girls all loved riding on the beach, a first for all of the horses. Weren't quite sure what to make of the waves at first but soon decided it was fun!!! This is the 'horsey' one on Joshy, a friend's pony. Unfortunately she didn't get to take Henry as Friday afternoon we were all packed and the friend that was floating him only got a few km down the road and he was scrambling in the float so badly that they had to stop and return home. He had cut two of his legs and was lathered in sweat he was so upset. He is okay now after a quiet weekend but he would not of managed to continue the journey. We think the reason this happened is because of what side of the float he was on, he had never floated on this side before and we will never try it again. Luckily her friend took another horse so she could still take part in the rides.

3 Brothers were 'made' to come on camp with their sisters but I think by the end of camp they had had the most fun!!! They did not stop, if they were not fishing or swimming they were sand boarding down the dunes! Another Mum and I lined up for a turn, their faces were a treat when they realised we actually meant it!!! So much fun, if I didn't have to keep walking to the top of the sand dune I would of kept going!!! My face plant was caught on film , I am hoping it never sees the light of day!

This is my 'bed in the car, my version of camping! I became very attached to it, it was lovely and warm and cosy. The bigger kids slept in the hall but the others slept in their floats or tents.It was very windy overnight and the tents almost collapsed and the floats shook and not much sleep was had. I slept like a baby!!! I am not lining up to do it again in the near future though!!

Another beach shot! As you can see there were a lot of storms and clouds around. We were very lucky with our weather , a few showers but mainly dry and even some sun!We all got a little wind burnt!

Not only did they ride on the beach but they rode on the dry salt lake and through the sand dunes.Not a great photo but it looked wonderful when they appeared through the dune. Wish you could see the smiles on their faces!

Just before heading home we had time for a swim at the little salt lake to test the theory that you couldn't sink in the salt water!!! The 'horsey' one and her friend forgot to close their mouths jumping in and are still complaining they can taste salt!!

It was a lovely weekend and we will definitely be back to explore more.......

Monday, February 7, 2011


I have all these wonderful photos to share today, if fact too many to choose from and Blogger is not cooperating and I can't load them!!!! I will try again in the morning!
When I spoke to Mum she told me she has made a New Beginnings sewing kit and her friend (both of them non bloggers) has almost finished 4!!! Both happy to have some way of helping. I will post them to Jenny with mine.
Another early night and dare I say it but I have the electric blanket warming up now, it is chilly!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Home again!

I survived!!! Got home half an hour ago, have eaten and am heading to bed! I slept in the car and slept well, so warm and cosy. Lots to tell but it will have to be tomorrow....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A new experience...

By the time you read this I will be at Pony Club camp with the 'horsey one'! We are off to Beachport , a coastal town in South Australia where they are excited about being able to ride their ponies on the beach. I don't camp, in fact I have never camped so it should be an interesting weekend!! I have bought a new air mattress but am taking my sheets and doona rather than a sleeping bag and although the 'horsey one' will sleep outside in her swag under the stars I will sleep in the clubrooms (does this still count as camping?) or in the car.... I have packed enough food and clothes for a month and have knitting, stitching and a few magazines packed. Wish me luck!!!! Back tomorrow night to sleep in my own bed!

Friday, February 4, 2011


I am feeling very blessed this week. I have been given this beautiful box of fresh, home grown vegetables from friends and colleagues. Zucchini, beans, apple cucumbers and carrots. They taste so much better than the bought ones!!

While in the supermarket this morning I noticed that the price of bananas has trebled. These bananas would of been bought by the supermarket before Yasi destroyed the banana plantations so I feel they are just taking advantage of us! I understand that they will be in short supply and we will need to pay more from now on but I doubt that the grower would of received anything extra for todays stock. In my mind this is just greedy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A good read!

Another busy day, I worked until lunchtime then had a quick trip to Aldi before attending the boarders afternoon tea when they arrive back to school ready for the first day tomorrow. A few newies and understandably a few tears as Mum and Dad said goodbye.
I bought some books at Aldi today (they have the most amazing things!). On sale for $4.99 for Valentines Day, at that price Mum and I will both enjoy them. Also picked up an air mattress for the weekend. I DON'T camp!!! but will be going with the 'horsey' one to pony club camp. I will practice putting it up tonight!

Not sure that the 'horsey' one will be ready for school tomorrow, the list is still growing but guess we have a few hours yet. The uniform is ready and the lunch requirements bought. Better go and get the requested 'peanut butter biscuits' baked!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Please pray...

I have had a day off work today and worked to a list trying to achieve something. It has included a trip to the hairdresser among other things which is always enjoyed. All day though my mind has kept wandering to Cyclone Yasi which is approaching the North Queensland coast. It is a category 5 and of a size and strength of terrifying proportions. Having lived in Broome we have prepared for cyclones before but nothing like this. My thoughts and prayers are with all the people preparing for the night ahead and for their friends and families.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A pinch.....

A pinch and a punch for the start of the month.......It is hard to believe it is February already! Time to reflect on what I achieved in January and to make some plans for the next month. I didn't manage much in January in anything actually, we tend to find December and January are tricky with school holidays and Christmas. For that reason I don't get upset if I only start on my goals in February and continue until the end of November. An odd theory I guess but if it works in some shape and form it is worth it! For February I want to craft more, finish at least 3 Christmas items, 1 quilt , a table runner,a face cloth, some mug rugs and complete a UFO. I also want to read a book!! I want to start my 'decluttering' seriously!!!! I also plan to start getting healthier.....that includes moving more! and eating less! - a simple equation when you say it like that!!! Lots on my list!!
Tonight SH and I have been to the 'Beginning of year service and dinner for staff' for school. As I work in the boarding house we are always invited. I love the pomp and ceremony of the service and the fellowship with the rest of the school community at the dinner.
I am tired now so off to bed, a bit cooler so hopefully a better sleep!