Sunday, September 26, 2010

All over again next week!!!

Well my super exciting Saturday didn't exactly go as planned! The result of the game was a nail biting to the last second DRAW!!!! This means we come back next week and do it all over again. Not sure that I can jump on this emotional roller coaster again but there is no choice. While they haven't beaten us there is still a chance of a win!!!!
On a more exciting note, the 'horsey' one is back on Tuesday, she has had an amazing trip but it will be nice to have her home and this week I booked flights for the 'horsey' one and I to have a week in Broome in January! Yes it will be wet season, hot and sticky but another friend and her daughter are travelling up from Albany and we are all staying with a very dear friend and her 2 girls so it will be a very special 'girls' week!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A very exciting Saturday........(I hope!)

Well it is that Saturday in September when the Australian Football League Premier is decided at the Grand Final. Although the rest of my family support Geelong I have always been a St Kilda fan. In fact I was born the year St Kilda won it's last and only premiership (yep pretty easy to work out my age now!!!). One of my favorite photos as a little girl was me wrapped in a St Kilda towel with my Dad. The passion for our team was something we shared and I can remember as a teenager him taking me out of town to a practice match to see my team play. I have become fond of Geelong and if they are not playing St Kilda I do support them. The two teams met in last years Grand Final but the pain of us losing was cushioned somewhat as we were holidaying in the States and actually spent the day at Disneyland. SH is still not allowed to watch the DVD of that game though if I am home!! Unfortunately Geelong lost a few weeks ago and St Kilda will meet Collingwood today - the team they beat by a point 44 years ago and the team everyone loves to hate! I am nervous, they are a tough team and have played so well all year, we go in as the underdog but the result really could go either way. I decorated the house with posters, streamers and balloons early this morning and I have the couch set up, footy food is in the fridge and the tv is already on!!! I have also got some magazines, my knitting and stitching and the paper to read as it will be a long day and I may need a distraction or two!!!

GO THE SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Double yum and yikes!!!

HS and his girlfriend decided the weekend before last to make jelly slice (something I have yet to try but something I love!). I thought it was great but they weren't all together happy with it and decided they would conquer it or die trying!!!! HS made another one on Sunday night, this time making a double batch of middle and double strength flavor of jelly topping. One word to describe it 'magnificent'!!!! I was requested to buy another batch of ingredients today to have on hand! Mmmm what can I request next???

HS is like a lot of teenage boys very fond of 'meat' with meatloaf being a favorite so as he is on school holidays and his sister is away (who doesn't eat meat at all!) I have 'The Pioneer Woman's' meatloaf in the oven for dinner. It smells so good and my boy has a huge smile! Lets hope it tastes as good as it looks!

Although I have been emailing the 'horsey' one each morning ( I'd like her to have news from home should she get any computer time) apart from a message through another family to say they arrived safely we have not heard from her. I am not worried as I have decided 'no news is good news'! We have however had a few people looking out for facebook posts from her (neither SH or I have facebook) and today there was the following post -

"been hit by a motorbike, been in a car crash, had $50 US STOLEN (but returned : ) but am LOVING Vietnam so so so much. over 30 and sunny and its only 7:00"

Do you think I should be worried?????

Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspiration and inadequacies!!!!!

Did anyone else watch Landline on the ABC yesterday lunchtime??? SH watches it for his work and I usually read the paper instead while eating lunch but not yesterday. They had a section on the baking for country agricultural shows. They showed some of the exhibitors and what they had prepared and I was watching thinking I'd like to have a go one day and then they showed the judges and I was terrified! Things I'd never thought were important....It was really interesting and entertaining all in one!!! Add to that Junior Masterchef last night and our household felt mildly inadequate!!! and I thought we ate and cooked well! Must admit I am loving it and think the judges are being gorgeous with the kids.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coming Down Under!

Oh my goodness - the news was announced this week that Oprah and an audience is coming Down Under in December! I am excited, is anyone else???? I wonder if there will be any chance to get to one of her 2 shows?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bon Voyage!

The 'horsey' one left after school yesterday on her trip to Vietnam. They should of landed about an hour ago. It is a small school group, only 8 kids and 7 adults - teachers, office staff and a parent. They will be away 10 days. She was super excited, wish I had gone too, sounds like lots of fun. I am missing her already!