Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Days -8 and - 7

Yes I failed with my countdown and got my days wrong! Day -14 was actually last Wednesday, the day SH had a new central line put in. SH was admitted to the ward yesterday, his few days of freedom over as he begins one of the more toxic drugs. His new central line is his biggest problem at the moment! It isn't working!! Okay to put things in but won't bleed at all.....he has had a chest x ray this afternoon and they are working on the problem and a solution! I always take a few days to settle when we come down and this time is no different , I am carrying the stitching around but as yet it has not seen the light of day !!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day -13

This morning began with a follow up appointment with the oral surgeon. Part of the pre transplant work up was a dental appointment, routine or so we thought! Our local dentist felt there were infection risks and sent SH to an oral surgeon thinking he may need 9 teeth out! We went along a week ago expecting to be told he had overreacted and instead we drove home that day with 12 less teeth! He just can't win a trick at the moment!
This afternoon was another injection like yesterday so we were able to spend the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day -14

We finally got away this morning over an hour late with everything but the kitchen sink thrown in the car - just in case! Today's conditioning treatment was almost an anti climax, an injection that was over almost before it started! We are settled in our hospital unit, a different one from last time , much bigger and just lovely. Such a comfort to be able to stay so close.
One day down, one day closer to getting home!

On our way...

This thursday I finished work until January. We are packing up this morning, somewhat frantically, always running behind!, to go to Geelong for between 4 to 8 weeks. SH begins his stem cell transplant today, day -14, it will involve 14 days (minus ones) of conditioning (chemo and other treatments) before the transplant of his stem cells (day 0) then his immune system and body need to recover. Most of this time he will be an inpatient. I will be staying in hospital accomodation, just across the road in a unit so I can come and go often. Once again Mum will come and stay at home with the 'kids'. Of course this is the worse possible week this could start with the 'horsey' one beginning exams and HS turns 21 this week but it is not the kind of thing you can just fit in when it suits. We are very positive about the process and will just take each day as it comes. I will be updating the blog daily for family and friends that will be following our journey. Unless I can work out how to post photos from the ipad they may be colorless! Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers xx

The 'last' week...

Well the last week is over and the exam period starts. First exam English next thursday! This morning (yes Sunday) off to school for Mathsfest - a few hours of practice exams, how thankful we are that the school prepares them as much as possible.
Thursday night was the Year 12 service and dinner and the girls looked beautiful. The 'horsey' one sparkled and we took lots and lots of photos!

Friday was 'muck up' day! Our students dressed up and had a bbq breakfast but that was the extent of their high jinks! Classes were as normal. Can you guess who the 'horsey' one went as?? Think Darla from finding Nemo! She is not sure what to think of the fact that this photo attracted 120 likes on facebook in just one hour. Apparently the resemblence is uncanny! (No not a real goldfish but a mandarin in water!!!)

Speech day was on Friday afternoon and full of pomp and ceremony and maybe just a few tears from us Year 12 parents and even the students. The 'horsey' one decided she really didn't want to leave! Lots of hugs and special 'goodbyes' to friends.

Wow , what a week!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Busy week!

Well this is a busy week but unlike the previous ones a 'happy' busy week (or for the 'horsey' one anyway!). It is the last week of Year 12 for my girl and once again I am full of mixed emotions. I don't like change and I don't like my 'children' growing up, especially my baby! BUT she is so excited and so ready to move on to the next stage of her life and the plans she has made. This week her school celebrate their year 12s while keeping them on a tight rein, gone are the 'muck up' days of the past!Next week they study and then start their exams on the Thursday.....
 Last night was the first celebration I was involved in, the boarders year 12 dinner which as a weekend boarding house mistress I was invited to. I have watched this group of 24 all arrive and grow from homesick children into young adults. It is tradition for them to receive a 'goodie' bag at the dinner that their fellow boarders and staff add to. A lot of the gifts are chocolate for study week or silly fun toys. This year I made fabric fortune cookies. (Mum made the first 'batch' for me last time she stayed but of course I needed more!). I put a good luck fortune in them and then packed them with a real edible fortune cookie just so there was no mistaking what they were! I was so happy with the finished product. I found the tutorial on Molie Makes. I have more to take to speech day tomorrow for some special girls.

At last nights dinner a staff member once again did the flowers for the tables. Although this is a terrible photo I wanted to share them, I thought they were lovely and such a simple idea. Glass jars with colored water in the school colors (took me a while to work that part out!!!)

Tonight is the formal Year 12 church service followed by the dinner..............I best pack some tissues!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Help, can anyone tell me in very simple terms how to do a blogpost on the iPad that includes photos from the iPad photo library???? You would hear from me a lot more often!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A little to show!

Not sure where the last month has gone since I posted our delicious crumpets but there has been a lot of time spent away from home. I have managed to finish 3 of these Sashiko panels. They are good therapy, don't need too much concentration but the end result is great. I have ordered a few more and the eventual plan is to make a quilt incorporating them all. I am sticking to navy, white, red and blue. This photo isn't great as I haven't ironed the block yet!

I did manage a super quick trip to Spotlight the other day. Had SH with me which was probably good for the budget! Picked up some spots which you can never have too much of, some threads, a cute Christmas fat quarter and some fabric for a quilt backing that may or may not ever be made!!!