Friday, April 29, 2011

Baking and tiaras!

HS has been asking us for 'months' (in his world anyway) to make him a carrot cake along with other things so on Easter Tuesday we tried a new recipe. It is delicious. Carrot cake is not my favorite but I loved this one. Of course the boys thought it could be improved - one thought it needed more fruit etc and the other less but I thought it was just right and the cream cheese icing with orange juice and zest in it - Yum!
Tonight I am planning to sit and watch the Royal Wedding and ooh and aah. With so many bad things happening in the world and always on our news it will be nice to watch and enjoy something 'nice'! Anyone else joining me??

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


On Monday SH, the 'horsey' one and I went on a UFO, apparently in teenage lingo that means an 'Unavoidable family outing'!!! For many years we have driven past the sign for Narrapumelap, a French gothic mansion and garden that is being restored in Wickliffe. It is only open twice a year and we always seem to have something else planned. This Easter we decided to definitely visit so Monday was the day. We were so blessed with the weather, it was beautiful. We took a picnic and to eat it in the sun feeling warmth was amazing!(can you tell I am not looking forward to the grey damp winter?).
We walked through the house which is in various stages of restoration. What an impressive house it must of been in its day. There has been a new kitchen put in and the bathrooms are being worked on at the moment and I admit I was disappointed as they do not seem to be in the keeping of the style, a little too 'new' for me! There is a tower building, you make your way up a tiny narrow steep set of stairs to get out to the balcony, definitely single file only, there were a lot of giggles especially when my legs seized up on the way down, obviously I need to exercise more!
The gardens were lovely and once again to just imagine them in their glory, they must of been magnificent.
It was nice to finally see what was behind the sign and it will be lovely to return one day when the restoration is finished.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lest we forget....

Today is Anzac Day, a day of remembrance and thanks for the men and women that have or are serving our country so that we may be free. We attended the local dawn service, always a moving ceremony. These medals are the one SH wears each Anzac Day. They belonged to his Great Grandfather who was on the AE2 submarine at Gallipoli which was sunk. He was taken prisoner of war. SH attended Anzac Day in Gallipoli 7 years ago, something that will stay with him forever.
Lest we forget.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A new method!

Today has been a lovely quiet day. HS has spent the day at his girlfriends and we have enjoyed not being on the road for the 3rd day in a row. Of course our day included some chocolate and so 'the horsey one' demonstrated how you break the eggs on your forehead!! Think I'll leave that one to her!

This afternoon her and Henry did some jumping with friends, they will both sleep very well tonight! We took about 100 photos but these were the best, certainly an art to taking action horsey shots!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Cat's Life...

What a life!!! This is how Fred and Peter are spending Easter! Wouldn't I love to join them some days!

Another day on the road, this time a trip to Mum's to have lunch with her for Easter. She will be busy making Anzac Day wreaths tomorrow ready for Monday. It was a lovely and very relaxed day. We had the best roasted pumpkin soup for entree. After our main meal we were so full that we had a big break before dessert - a chocolate self saucing pudding we made. There will be no dinner here tonight! The kids always go a little 'wacky' at Nan's, a great opportunity for 'silly' photos, shame I was laughing so much today I missed most of them!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday...

My morning started early (it actually does everyday,my normal time to get up is 5am!) and the first thing I did was make my 'bunny biscuits'. First time to use this recipe and I am really happy with the flavor and the end result. Only thing that could be improved is I slipped putting in the coloring so they are not really the pale pink I was attempting.

After I made the biscuits I decorated the table for Easter (yes running late this year, surprise surprise!!). The little chocolate brown bunny and the little girl bunny are both candles, I am still undecided whether I will actually light them, they are so cute. The little blue jug holds my favorite eggs this year - Lindt Peanut Butter eggs - OMG they are SO good!! Hoping the kids don't find them!! Can you see the Easter egg sneak in the photo???

Off to Geelong for the day. We ended up at Barwon Heads at my sister in laws as the weather was very very ordinary. Some of us got a walk in before lunch but otherwise didn't even sight the beach or river. Had lovely fish and chips and then our sweet goodies. My other sister in law made a lovely pear and pistachio cake (which also had some chocolate in it) which I will get the recipe for and then share. There was only one cousin missing from this side of the family and HS's girlfriend came with us and met everyone for the first time so lots of laughs and fun was had. This photo is of HS and his littlest cousin who loved having him there to play with.

On the way home we stopped in Lismore to swap drivers and for a quick toilet stop. The 'horsey' one had to have her photo taken (and make a funny face) in the yabby , sponsored by the blue yabby cafe!

Home again and ready for bed!!! Hope everyone else has had a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Baking...

I am so happy it is Easter! I finished work at midday today and have 5 glorious days off. There are so many things to love about Easter. I love spending time reflecting on the reason for it. It is also a time we spend time with family and friends. I always partake in too much chocolate but for some reason Easter eggs taste so much better than normal chocolate! And I love Easter baking!!! This morning I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes to take to work to share with everyone. This afternoon I have made another batch as well as a chocolate caramel brownie. I bought the icing Easter decorations on the cupcakes as much as I'd like to pretend I made them!!! I have also got a tuna mornay in the oven for dinner with a bit of a retro feel about it, I have put 'french fries' (not the hot ones) on top with the grated cheese over them - does anyone else remember doing something similar in the 70's?? Still a batch of bunny biscuits to go tonight although I am running out of steam. We are off to Geelong tomorrow to have a picnic at the beach with all of SH's family. To make it easier we are all going to have fish and chips but I will take our baking down to go with our after lunch cuppa. I think we may end up at my S-I-L's as the weather is not looking good at all, very wintery!!!
Wishing everyone a blessed and happy Easter filled with love, family, fun and a little chocolate!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Proud parent moment!

HS has played baseball for the last 6 seasons. It is not a hugely popular sport here in Australia (although our family love it) and in our town we struggle to field one senior team. Many times the club have tried to get junior interest but it has never gone ahead. We are a member of a South Australian league and so travel for most of our games. The first few years that HS played the team were very stable and successful even winning a flag but since then the success has varied. The guys and girls enjoy playing and have improved which is the most important thing. For the last 3 seasons there has been no presentation night, the club has struggled financially with members not paying fees and for uniforms. This season the Association has helped out with an interest free loan over 5 years which will allow us to settle our debts with them and McDonalds has jumped on board and sponsored the trophies. We have just had the presentation night and trophies were given for all 4 seasons, how thrilled we were that HS received 4 - Rookie, Clubman, Runner up Best & Fairest and for this season just gone 'Best & Fairest'. We are very proud parents, all the dedication and commitment to training and games has paid off. We are all looking forward to next season.

Further to last nights Pony Club AGM, SH is still President and Catering officer and I am still Treasurer and Public Officer!!!!!!! At least we managed to fill all the positions but at one stage I was going to be adding Secretary to my load, thank goodness that didn't happen!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a sec.....

No time for photos or news tonight, we have the Pony Club AGM. We start with a meal and then the meeting. Cross your fingers that maybe just maybe someone else steps up and offers to take on the Treasurers role..... No chance that SH won't come home as President again. So hard with a small club, always the same ones to take on all the jobs!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ornament of the month !

For Christmas last year one of the gifts we gave Mum was an 'Ornament' of the month club from Shabby Fabrics in the US. Each month she is sent an ornament to stitch. Mum is loving it, this is the first one. She actually did a crazy patchwork one as well and also another stitched one without the coloring so 3 for the price of 1!! Must say I am very impressed with the price and service.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday!

On the road again this morning, this time to Geelong to attend a Birthday lunch to celebrate our nephew Cameron's 18th Birthday. We had a lovely lunch and it was so nice catching up with other family members and spending time with them. Here he is with his cake - a yummy chocolate mud cake!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Old Ted!

I got a packet in the mail yesterday, it was the giveaway I was lucky enough to win from Kris at Tag Along Teddies. It is an Old Ted Wall Hanging pattern. Kris asked for stories about your old teds and it was lovely to remember the teddy Mum saved from the tip one day that is still called 'Tippy'! Thank you so much Kris, I love the pattern and can't wait to start it. What a shame my sewing room doesn't look like yours, I'd be right in there!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Frock shopping...

5.30am The 'horsey' one and I headed off to the big smoke to buy a frock for her to wear to the school dinner dance which is coming up. On the way we collected Mum and arrived at the shopping centre just after 9 for what was going to be a very long day!

Coffee No. 1 - so needed! and the fuel required to hit the first shop. 7 dresses tried on 0 bought.....

Second shop, lots of looking, tried on 2 dresses, bought 1 - hurray!!! (by this stage I didn't really care that the dress was a little more than budget or a little short, decided if Nan thought the length was okay I was worrying for nothing!)

Now for shoes!

1 shop , 2 pair of shoes and jewellery........

Lunch, all fueled up for new runners and a mouthguard!

Everything ticked off the 'horsey' one's list, time for afternoon tea at Max Brenner (a chocolate cafe) and then head for home.

The 'horsey' one had a chocolate explosion shot, basically a pot of melted chocolate with popping candy and white chocolate buttons!! and a few gummy bears on the side!

My banana split sundae was so good! I have been having serious 'banana' withdrawals! (after the floods and cyclone in QLD earlier in the year bananas in Australia are now in short supply and very very expensive)

Home again in the dark with one happy girl and my nomination for 'mother of the year' cemented!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The 'blue' team....

SH loves his tennis, he plays on grass on Saturdays and twilight during the week during summer. He is also the scribe for the local paper, he has quite a gift and there are many people that turn to his article first! His team had a great season but finished 2nd on the ladder - just. They lost the first final but won their second chance to play in the Grand Final last weekend. They were rained out....and devastatingly lost by half a point due to their position on the final ladder. If that didn't make them blue enough, at the presentation night on Saturday their allotted color was blue! Blue wigs, masks and even a blue suit made appearances. A fun night was had , roll on next season....

(yes one 'red' team member snuck into the before drinks!)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new winter bag!

Well Winter has hit with a vengeance (actually hasn't ever felt like it went away) and yes I know its only Autumn but it is damp and grey already so I think it is time to start using my new Winter bag. Mum attended a week of felting workshops in February in Halls Gap and this is the end result. Of course I was more than happy to take the test product off her hands!!! Isn't it great? Thought it was about time I had some crafty content!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New toy! but not mine!!!

Now that my HS has a job and plenty of $ coming in he 'had' to buy a new boy toy!!! His new baby is a 'dirt bike' which provides plenty of dirty,muddy washing and anxious moments for his Mother (although probably no more dangerous than horse riding!) He is loving it and it is keeping him busy with a smile!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lessons learned....

I learnt a few lessons at pony club last week.......

1)If you in fact buy undies with a slogan because they tickle your fancy one day, keep them for at home only, do not have a desperate undie day and wear them in public!

2)Check your favorite jeans as you are putting them on as to their strength, err on the side of caution if they are feeling a little thin!

3)Don't climb through fences and bend to lift things, you may just hear a 'rip' which repeats itself each time you move and very soon lets an awful breeze in!

Luckily I had a nice long coat with me that I sweltered in for the rest of the day......

If you are easily offended look away now!

and if anyone should care to know the slogan is
'Chocoholics anonymous dropout'
after seeing this photo I'm not giggling at it now!!!