Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catch up.........

I am finally back online with the help of HS and how super annoying that it turns out there is a little wireless button on the front of the laptop that had accidently been clicked off and could of been fixed in an instant instead of taking 6 weeks and a tantrum from moi!!! I will know what to check first next time!
My boots, the ones to save me from wearing 'junners' have met an early death with one heel 'just falling off' last weekend, luckily I was at home. Not sure that I am meant to have fashionable footwear!!! I will return them when we are in Geelong again this week.
Speaking of Geelong SH has now had his first 2 chemo treatments and will have his 3rd this coming week. We are so lucky that so far he has tolerated them reasonably well with just a few small side effects. He has been able to go to work and has tried to exercise with a walk or modified gym program most days. I think he is looking tireder but he is determined to keep life as normal as possible between all the appointments. Just this week I think we have had 3 local appointments. He has started to lose his hair so I will need to look out his beanies this week....
I am now on holidays for 3 weeks!!!!! I need a rest and the 'horsey one' is on school holidays and needs some TLC. She also turns 18 next weekend, a milestone I am fighting, she is my 'baby'! We are having a lunch at our home to celebrate which we are catering for, a good idea at the time but at this stage we may 'only just ' make it!!!! I have no problems with the sweet goodies but at this stage not sure what they will be eating first! Think the 'horsey one' and I are testing the chocolate fountain this weekend - what a hardship that will be!!!!!
A little stitching has been happening , I make sure it comes out on each appointment. It is growing slowly but it is growing! I am doing the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery BOM again this year, not sure when I will find the time but looking forward to the first block arriving (I was a bit slow signing up!).
SH indulged me and made these Monte Carlo biscuits last weekend. They were super delicious. The recipe came from Julie Goodwin's 2nd cookbook. Wonder what we will bake this weekend???

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Winter recipe! and...

So Chookyblue was asking the other day about favorite crockpot/slow cooker recipes. I may be a little late but I will still share mine!
I love this cooked this way, makes it so tender. I usually cook 2 pieces at once, one for a hot meal and one for sandwiches for the week.
Put the piece of silverside in the crockpot and cover with water.
Also add:
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
12 peppercorns
2 bayleaves
1 chopped onion
1 carrot
Will take 6 hours on High or 8-10 hours on Auto

Further to the purchase of the boots , they were a necessary evil as apparently I comitted 'social suicide' the weekend before wearing runners with my jeans - a definate no no, who knew????!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

In times of stress...........

a little retail therapy never goes astray and with Winter well and truly set in a pair of long boots will come in handy!!!

to Geelong and back today for a bone marrow biopsy - ouch!

Sshhh don't tell HS but I am using his laptop while he is at work....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The journey begins.....

I have been missing in action for many reasons for the last few weeks, one of them being that the internet and I are no longer friends! Hopefully soon I will work out how to fix this and it will be just a distant memory.
There is a more important reason though that I have been missing. I generally 'tell it like it is' on my blog. There are some things that are sacred if they have the chance of hurting those I love or may embarrass the kids but as this is a record of my life and that of my family I tell most things here. I have made some amazing friendships online and am even luckier to have met some of you 'in real life' and I will be asking all of you friends for your thoughts and prayers.
My 'Super Husband' has in the last week been diagnosed with a lymphoma cancer. We have already made many trips to a city around 3 hours away for diagnosis and tests and will be on the road again early tomorrow morning as we have a bone marrow biopsy scheduled. We will be back again on Thursday when after a Pet scan and a doctors appointment he will be admitted and his chemo treatment will begin. The cancer is aggressive but is treatable. It will just be a rough road ahead. We are all okay, taking each day as it comes. My Mum is coming to stay while we are away this week so the 'kids' are not alone. We are so lucky to have this option.
And of course what do quilters do in times of stress???? start a new project of course! I have had a BOM of Leannes House including fabric and cottons for many years sitting in the cupboard. I have decided that this is the perfect time to start it!!! The first block is all prepared and already the stitching is well on the way. I have named it 'The Journey Quilt'!!! and look forward to seeing it grow as it keeps my hands busy.