Saturday, August 18, 2012

A mini break...

Well the 'horsey' one and I are in the city of churches, Haighs chocolate and good friends 'Adelaide' for the weekend. We are here for the uni open days but having fun too! Left after school yesterday and drove in terrible weather. So happy to arrive at our hotel which just happens to be the Hilton! Even better our room was upgraded! Did wonder at one stage if we would actually get out at all as we were so comfy but the sun was shining this morning so it was time to explore. First stop was the market and the best bakery stall ever, far too much to choose from! A wander and some shopping then a meet up with a friend from home, Belinda , who took us to the chocolate bean cafe, they even have chocolate soup! I was tempted but went with the peanut butter cheesecake instead. Back to the hotel where we met up with Anne and Georgia , long time friends, had coffee and chatted and laughed lots. You don't need to see special friends often, you just catch up where you left off. Sadly there will be no time to see granny loz this trip or Sebastian (the chinese boy who lived with us a few years back) as tomorrow we are organized to within an inch of our lives before we make the trip home again ! Oh I forgot, I did manage a trip to Haighs for supplies today as well! There will be photos when I get home but for now just imagine an overload of chocolate :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Home sweet home.....

We have just arrived home from another 2 days in Geelong and I am so thankful to be home. It was a 430am start yesterday and I didn't sleep much at all last night. We drove home in very wet conditions. I have been dreaming all day about snuggling in my bed with the electric blanket and maybe even a cat thrown in!!!
SH had another bone marrow biopsy yesterday then saw the dr and had chemo today which was cycle 6. In the next fortnight he will have another petscan then in either 2 or 3 weeks he will have cycle 7 and have stem cells collected ready for his transplant on the back of that. We are still taking this journey one stage at a time which is also how the information is given, a bit at a time, there are too many variables to deal with it any other way.
Bloggers are angels and when we got home tonight a parcel was waiting......thank you.....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The cake!

This is the cake the 'horsey' one had for her 18th party (yes we survived!!!). A local lady made it, the 'horsey' one told her what she liked - horses and Justin Beiber and this is the end result. The horse and 2 magazines were all icing and edible! It was a white and milk chocolate marble mud cake so delicious as well!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It seems like I post a similar photo every year but the sight of the first daffodils for the season always fill me with such hope that Spring is on its way and bring a smile to my face.

Monday, August 13, 2012


On our last visit to Geelong we were lucky enough to catch up with one of SH's oldest friends and his wife for dinner. Trevor and SH went to school together and Trevor and his family were on a flying visit home from the States to visit family. For old times sakes we went to the 'Mee ling' chinese restaurant, a favorite haunt in their younger days. The fact that there was a 'massage parlour' upstairs was always found to be amusing!!! Not sure if it is still there but we had a lovely meal catching up on all the news.
Good friends are precious.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Been away so long that I have so much to show and tell but thought I would take baby steps to get back into this 'blogging' thing and just pop in to say Hi today.
I am enjoying these beautiful violets from Mum , I took her out for a very belated Mothers Day Lunch on friday which was just lovely.

And today we made this delicious Rhubarb and cinnamon cake - we will certainly make it again. Donna and Carol if you are interested it is in the school cookbook!

A busy week ahead, 2 days of work then on the road again, but hope to drop in again soon.............