Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time to share .........

Think it's time to share some exciting news!!! Had kept it to myself until I had it confirmed, just seemed to be too good to be true!!
I won a major prize in a competition in our Sunday newspapers magazine. It was to celebrate the release of the film Australia on DVD. I received a phone call on my mobile (to enter it was as simple as texting your name and address - obviously someone actually does win these competitions!!!) and was rendered speechless - amazing for me!!!
The prize is a copy of the DVD (which I didn't have and hadn't seen the movie) AND a 12 day tour of the Kimberleys including airfares , accommodation, meals etc from Darwin to Broome for 2 people. It's worth almost $10000.00!!! We actually lived in Broome for 4 years and although we once drove to Darwin (for surf club championships) we haven't done all the gorges , parks and places like El Questro wilderness park on the way. SH must of been a little worried that he wouldn't automatically be the other person going as he was very quick to promise me an Argyle Diamond from the diamond mine in Kunnanurra!!!! We are also going to be able to catch up with very special friends in Broome at the end of the tour. Even better we are being allowed to take the prize next April (the tour only runs in the dry season between April and September) as it was going to be very hard to fit it in this year with our other holiday planned to the States in September. It is going to be something to look forward to and dream about and I feel very blessed that not only do I have one holiday to look forward to but two.
Peter thinks he might like to come too!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exam week and another parcel!

It is mid year exam week in my household and I'm not enjoying it!!!! I didn't like exams when I was at school and I don't like them any more now!! My HS is not particularly studious, he doesn't enjoy school and has struggled over the years. He certainly doesn't put in as much effort as he could! Each time exams come around I resort to bribery and corruption (whatever works I say!) and make up 'study jars' full of chocolate and lollies that are only allowed to be eaten during studying!! Makes me feel better thinking it works! Only 3 days to go then a few months reprieve!!! Wish me luck!
I was very excited to receive a parcel in the mail today from April - Cake makes the world a better place blog. I was lucky enough to win her giveaway celebrating 200 posts. What a lovely parcel to receive, a gorgeous notebook (how does April know I am an obsessive list maker!), a crossstitch pin which is so intricate, a little heart and the most amazing crossstitch card - her work is just wonderful. Thank you very much April.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parcels and Bon Voyage!

I received two parcels in the mail recently. This one was from Missie Krissie and was the necklace I'd ordered for my sister for her 40th Birthday with her 3 children's names stamped on it. I love it so I'm really hoping she does too! Kris also sent me a little gift. In the front of the photo is a wee little green envelope, well in that envelope is the dearest pair of earrings. As hard as I tried I could not get a photo that was in focus!!! They are drops which I usually find hard to wear but because they are so small these are perfect. Think I will wear them out with the amount of outings they are having!! Thank you so much Kris.

Also received 2 parcels lately from my sister in the UK. I had mentioned that I'd like to have a look at the 'Sew Hip' magazine so lo and behold she posted the last 2 months issues to me. Some of the things in there I won't ever do but there are a few projects I will have a go at and always nice just to see what is out there!
Well it's Bon Voyage to Mum today. She is off to England for 7 weeks to spend time with my Sister and her family. We went and took her out for lunch yesterday and got our final list of instructions!!! I will really miss her. Since Dad died about 13 years ago I have phoned her every day and generally know her whereabouts. She loves seeing my sister (my only sibling) and spending time with her 3 littlies but always gets apprehensive about the travel. I know she will have a fantastic time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day and more......

Had a lovely Mothers Day. My Mum and my SH's parents came for lunch and we had a lovely roast meal followed by a delicious nectarine crumble. SH picked these flowers from our garden for the table. I have decided I need to make a tablecloth and new placemats as I struggled to decorate the table the way I would like.

Mum brought a Mothers Day present for me which was lovely, a box of chocolates - yum! and this pen that she made with the children that go to Kids Club at her church. She is in charge of their craft activities. I'm sure all of their Mums would of been thrilled with this present. I'm loving using mine.

Jimmy was so cute on Sunday It's almost as if he knew it was a special day and decided to be good!!! When we finally let him inside ( I was reluctant when I'd spent the morning cleaning!) he crawled up onto my lap and proceeded to fall asleep. He is not quite the right size for a lap dog anymore, a little too big, and I'm sure he wasn't comfortable but he was happy!

When Mum came on Sunday she brought her latest quilt for me to look at. She has made it for my sister for her 40th birthday in June. Mum leaves for the UK in a fortnight so badly wanted to finish it to take with her. It is made with Moda's Wonderland range. The first photo is actually the back of it. Mum wanted to back it with black which wasn't available at her local shop so she pieced a back with her left over fabric. I think it makes it reversible now. The second photo is of the quilt front. I hope my sister loves it. I think its gorgeous!

I've been making more houses. I don't actually like these ones as much even though I thought it might be a good project to use brights! I'm very proud of myself, all of the fabric came from my stash (not that you can tell I've touched it!!!). Does anyone else have my problem, I struggle sometimes to cut into some of my favorite pieces in my stash!

Realised I hadn't ever showed any photos of my new bed! The room is still not finished, we don't have all the curtains up yet or anything on the walls. Think we will put Mums stumpwork up. This dresser is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It came from my Grandmothers and was then at Mums. The shelves on the right (behind the stained glass) still hold original war book volumes that were also passed to us along with a few other old books we have collected. The bits and pieces on the top are gifts from 3 very special friends and I think of them each morning and
evening when I walk into my room.
This is our new bed and drawers (not the best photo). It is SO comfortable and I am so happy with our choice. Always puts a smile on my face!

Poor little Peter went to the vet for his operation yesterday. He was not impressed that he was fasted for the night before. We were advised to keep him confined last night and for the next 5 days!!! He is already back to normal and going stir crazy! Will keep him inside again today but he is already back to his cheeky ways!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hop on over and say Hi!

I've been meaning to post for a while about this great jewellery I've been buying from a fellow blogger. It is handmade and hand stamped to personalise it. I'm a sucker for something with names of my loved ones on it and from the reaction of my friends I've bought for so are they!!! The first product I saw of Kris's was a necklace she very kindly made just after the fires for the family with a new baby. Since then I may very well be her best repeat customer. Any of my loved friends and family with birthdays are receiving her necklaces. Her service is amazing and the parcel comes beautifully wrapped in handmade envelopes, she has just made some new 'Alice in Wonderland' ones! She is actually having a giveaway at the moment so now is an even better time to hop on over to her blog, say Hi and link to her shop for a look. Let her know I sent you along with the lady from the post office and the lady from the lingerie shop!!!! (Mmm maybe I should be on commission.....) . Now I need to head over there myself and order my sister's 40th Birthday present before I leave it too late. Might even get her one of Kris's new rings too!!