Monday, November 29, 2010

Budding artist!

Today I was lost for blogging content and as you realise I have been so much better at blogging lately that I really didn't want to miss today or you may never of heard from me again so I searched hard and found a post that had never got past the 'draft' stage, who knows why??? I obviously just never got back to it!!!
Last year HS completed year 12 and one of the subjects he did was studio art. It was a lot of work and if anyone ever thought of doing it as a bludge subject they would be very disappointed! His school held a mini art exhibition of all the artwork and folios of the year 11 and 12 students complete with wine and cheese. He only just got it finished and hung on time (mmm not sure who he takes after???) and wasn't all together happy with the finished pieces. We loved them, his subjects were musicians in bands he has seen. The director of the local art gallery visited each school and chose artworks to be displayed in the 'Top Arts' Exhibition. One of his series of prints were chosen. We were so proud of him and pleased his hard work had been recognised. I attended the opening with him and then went again with the rest of the family before the closing date. Can't say I've ever had my artwork on display!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday fat 1/4 swap goodies!

I mentioned earlier in the month that I received some gorgeous gifts for my birthday from the fat 1/4 swap that I belong to. All of the girls were so generous, I have got so much new beautiful fabric. During the year I have found it hard to choose for other people but the people buying for me had no such problem, the fabric they chose is just so 'me'! I also got threads, buttons, beads, patterns and other extra goodies. I am looking forward to taking part again next year. Thanks to Maree for all her organising and to Laurie, Shari,Karin, Sheryl, Narelle and Sandy for the beautiful parcels.

I am looking forward to a creative and productive 2011!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

On it's way!

Well my SSCS10 parcel made it to the Post office yesterday and is on it's way!!!!! It was lots of fun planning and creating and is a swap I look forward to every year. Chookyblue does an amazing job running it. I have decided to be more organised next year and be able to post on the first day rather than the last!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A special gift!

The 'horsey' one kept 'forgetting' to bring my Birthday gift home from school until the end of last week! I didn't mind the wait because it made my Birthday last longer! Wow!! She made this mosaic bowl in 3D art and I love it. Haven't found the perfect spot for it yet but it will be treasured.
Last exam this morning for HS and there will be big celebrations in the household when it is all over! Fancy having to go through it all over again in 2 years time!!
I missed out on tickets to the Oprah shows in Sydney and although I had tried not to get my hopes up I was really disappointed. I know of a blogger who did get tickets though so at least it proves it was the luck of the draw!!
More Birthday gifts to share soon, SSCS parcel has to be posted really soon - I am starting my yearly panic!!! Yikes!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday week!

Well amongst exams (2 down 2 to go next week!)we have celebrated 2 Birthdays in our household this week! It was my Birthday on Monday (unfortunately I had to work,HS had an exam late in the afternoon and SH and the 'horsey one' had a pony club working bee to go to so not much celebrating! Yesterday was HS's Birthday and as it was a public holiday and his next exam is not until next Monday he could enjoy turning 19! We spent most of the day at a Pony Club games day but I cooked him a special dinner of chicken enchiladas - just the way he likes them - no onion, mushrooms or vegetable matter of any sort! and golden syrup dumplings! Do other families let the 'birthday person' choose their own meal??? His girlfriend make him these gorgeous cupcakes. She calls him 'Bear' so they are pandas - very cute!

I am in a Birthday fat 1/4 swap and these exciting parcels have arrived. With all the hustle and bustle here I have saved them to enjoy the 'opening' which will be today - also makes my Birthday last longer!!! Needless to say that means I will have more to post really soon!