Sunday, September 23, 2012

Todays delights.....

Another busy day in the kitchen! SH excelled and for the first time made crumpets. They were SO good! and so much better than the store bought ones!!

Even better with the strawberry jam I made yesterday!

We are hoping the ones we have frozen are okay and if so plan to make a big batch regularly from now on.

I made 2 chocolate brownies. One for the 'horsey' one and her friend to take on the train to Melbourne where they are attending a Geography revision lecture tomorrow - no school holidays for them!!! She is fussy and doesn't like choc bits or nuts in hers .

I also made another to take to Halls Gap this afternoon when we met up with friends from Melbourne and Lakes Entrance for a coffee. That one had SO much chocolate in it, delicious! For the first time I made jelly cakes , just small ones and although they taste delicious think I need to perfect the technique and presentation!

Lastly I made some strawberry ice cream this afternoon. I put it in smaller containers, just enough for a serve or two! I am making the most of the strawberrys I bought this week!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I picked up punnets of strawberries for 49c each this week so I had my first attempt at Strawberry jam today. I only made a small quantity but am so happy with how it turned out. The plan is to make another batch in the morning as well as some strawberry icecream. Yum!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Today at school to mark the last day of term it was the yearly House Music Competition. Of course I went along to support the 'horsey' one in another last for her. Each of the 4 houses (from years 7-12) sing a set song and a song of choice. It is tradition for the year 12s in that house to dress up and dance a little, although the singing is judged seriously it is quite fun and there is usually some humor! Unfortuantly the yellow house that the 'horsey' one belongs to is not known for winning (anything!) and once again we were pipped at the post! It was lots of fun though!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love them !

Found this on my memory card the other day, can't remember taking it but it is now one of my favorite photos of my kids, hardly attractive but so true to form!!! Love them xxx

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


On the days SH was in hospital in Geelong I would head down to the shopping centre during 'rest' time and have some lunch. I had a coffee at Muffin Break one day I was feeling a little lonely and got to the bottom of the cup and found this smiley face looking up at me. Made my day! Sure everyone around thought I was a little odd pulling out the camera!!! unless of course they happened to be a fellow blogger!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One day at a time....

Another trip to Geelong today but happily it was just a day trip. Things with SH went a bit pear shaped after the last petscan when it showed his cancer had built up an immunity to the chemo he was having . Both of us and his doctor were very surprised as he had a great response to the first 3 cycles. It was a few days before his medical team decided on the next step. The heavy artillery was called in and a fortnight ago he spent 5 days in hospital in Geelong having a central line put in and receiving a different intensive chemo for 3 days. I am happy to say he has tolerated it really well and tiredness is his biggest complaint (not that he would admit even that!). Today the next steps were mapped out and we are back again next week for round 2 of this chemo. With some negotiation it was agreed he could do 2 days as an outpatient and should only have 2 days confined to a hospital bed. We will then have a week at home then a week in Geelong while they collect stem cells for a transplant. A long road still to travel but we have a plan and are focusing on that. Mum has again been a lifesaver and looks after home, the kids and the furry friends while we are away, one less thing to worry about!
Needless to say my time blog hopping is sporadic at best. I read what all my friends are up to as often as possible but have rarely found time to comment lately. I hope you understand.
There have been many special blessings from blogging friends, our family thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxx

Monday, September 17, 2012


There has been some sewing happening, not anywhere near as much as I would like but better than nothing!!!

This is block 1 of the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery designer BOM for 2012. I am really happy with it and looking forward to getting onto the next 2 blocks I have sitting waiting!

This is block 1 of 'Our Journey' quilt. Every stitch was done while at the hospital or at appointments. I have really enjoyed working on it but gosh I am rusty with my embroidery. Please don't look too closely!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good things come to those that wait!

The 'horsey' one has been very patiently waiting for a special letter to arrive in the mail (her Mother waiting not so patiently!), well Friday the postie delivered and she was successful in her application to do a Gap year working at a school in the UK next year, so so exciting for her especially as she is going to the school of her choice, the smile has not left her face! I am so happy for her but already missing her!!! Writing lists of things to prepare is keeping me busy..... Now to get the remainder of year 12 done and dusted so she can embark on the adventure of a lifetime!