Friday, December 31, 2010

Eye Candy!!!

Okay so I realised today I hadn't posted all my goodies from the Australian Quilt Market which Mum and I went to in November. It was a great day and today I rediscovered the excitement and inspiration I was filled with then!!! All in time for the new year......The biggest problem will be deciding what to start first and remembering to work on some UFO's and have some finishes. Didn't realise quite how much I'd bought until I unpacked the bags again (they had been put away until after the silly season!), Mum says she remembers only too well how much we collected!! Hopefully this is not one post that SH will read or questions may be asked!
I have Fred as my model assistant for this photo shoot - is he not gorgeous???

First up were some patterns from Marg Low. She is the loveliest lady and her work is beautiful. There are some more patterns of hers on my wish list. These patterns are : Festive Star Runners, Stitched Blessings and Sweet Treats which if I remember correctly were a Christmas bundle and in a gifts bundle : Pear Tree, For the book lover (my favorite, can't wait to make this one!) and Dressy Hangers - all great ideas for presents.

From Hatched and Patched (I love their patterns!)the book 'In the life of a Bag' and the pattern for Cold Winter Scarves. I also bought the fabric kit for this to make for a friends daughter who is off to Ottawa for a 6 month exchange in a few weeks, Surprise surprise I didn't get time to make it so she was given the fabric and will make it herself!!

These are some odds and ends I collected from showbags , some threads and little squares (2 1/2 " I think!) of Rosalie Quinlan's Sweet Broderie and Sarah Fielke's 'From Little Things' (there will be purchases made of yardage of both these collections!), some fancy thread holder cards, Matilda's Qwash (something I have been wanting to try) and some Lavender Best Press, also a set of templates and a ready made pot holder I bought at a stall that has the word 'chocolate' on it - yes I am obsessed!!!

Next up (thanks again to my assistant!) is my Moda bag!!! (essential for carrying the fabric still to come), a ruler I couldn't live without, my new years Quilters Diary and some Country Collections magazines for some 'housey' inspiration! Also some hexagon paper templates which were completely not the size I thought I'd ordered when they arrived!!! Oh well I am sure I will use them!

A few more Hatched and Patched patterns - Petite Sewing Kit, Tree of Christmas Cheer and Christmas Bon Bon - all seen on blogs made up so I just had to have them!!!

Next up from Moda 2 packets of solids - Brights and Pastels! Have so many projects that these can be used with, just needed in the stash really!

Also from Moda is this set of Fat Quarters of Figtree's Buttercup. Yummy!!!

A Jelly roll of '12 days of Christmas;'. Mum and I both loved this but they came in packets of 4 jelly rolls and we couldn't justify them after everything else we'd already bought. We met a lovely lady who is just starting up her own quilting business and after sharing coffee we decided to share a packet of jelly rolls!!

Also from Moda - Oliver + S - City Weekend. I love the range of colors in this from pale pinks to reds with yellows, blues and greens in between!!!

How could I leave these 2 packets of fat 1/8s ' Bunny Hill Designs' Lily and Will II in two different colorways - cream and chocolate (yes obsessed!!!) and aqua and chocolate.

Layer cakes '3 Sisters' Oasis - I just keep patting it xxxxx

I am a novice when it comes to bags but couldn't resist this kit, the pattern for a 'Paris' bag along with all the bits and pieces needed to make it, fabric, cotton, zips (yikes!!) clips etc. I stated to Mum and our new friend that it wasn't really my choice of fabric and then wondered why they laughed , the shirt I was wearing was in similar colors!!!

Last but not least is a set of fat quarters of Lecien 'Summertime friends' by Lynette Anderson. I looked at it and looked at it some more and then listened and agreed when Mum said I really 'didn't' need it. Mum went out to the toilet and like a naughty child I went and bought it while she was gone and only confessed back in the hotel room later that night!!!! I am so glad I did because I think it is my favorite and on principle I plan on using it soon just to prove I did 'need' it!!

Well this could maybe of been over a few posts but you may never of seen it and I really need to be kept moving this year so I can do it all again in November!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Now that I have heard from Sherry I can post a few pictures of what I sent her in the SSCS. I always have lots of ideas but actually find the decision making the hard part. The parcel was sent on time and I was happy with it and Sherry seemed to be too so that is good.
I sent Sherry this 'Stitcher's on the Go bag', the pattern is from Material Possessions. I love it especially the nifty way the handle packs it up quickly. (now if you can understand what I just said you are amazing!!!)The instructions are clear and easy to follow - very important for me - and it comes together well.These photos show it open with all its pockets and closed.

I also included some other bits and pieces, a Homespun magazine, Caramello Koalas, an RSPCA pen, a calender, some buttons and scissors.

This was the third year I have been in the SSCS and I really enjoyed it once again. Roll on 2011 SSCS!!!!!! (I am starting a gift in January in the hope I am more organised!!)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

This was another special decoration that adorned my little tree this year. I received it from my friend Sylvia in Canberra (she has a blog but I don't have a link) on a Christmas card. It is not the first decoration like this that I have received from her. Aren't I lucky and isn't it nice to be able to look at your tree and think of a special person and the fun times you have had with them. Sylvia and a friend run the most amazing stitching days and I think we both share wonderful memories of a 'high Christmas tea' before I left Canberra.

Jimmy was lucky to have a few presents under the tree. He received this shirt but it was too small and after the photo opportunity we had to quickly take it off - never as easy as getting it on!!! He loved his new toy, it is already a favorite. He is loving having us home this week

I have had a lovely Christmas celebrating with family, good food and lots of laughs! It has been relaxed and enjoyable.
On Christmas Eve we travelled to have lunch with Mum. We usually celebrate on Christmas eve but to make the travelling easier Mum was happy to make it lunch instead of dinner. It was the most relaxed perfect day. The food was beautiful (and there was so much of it!!) and the company even better. We were very spoilt with presents under the tree. We visited the cemetery in the afternoon with some of our beautiful roses to see my Dad, Uncle and Grandparents.
On Christmas morning we were up early as Santa had visited!!! (while you believe he keeps coming!!)After a quick breakfast of bagels and croissants we were on the road again to SH's sister's home in Lara. We were first there which meant we could carve our ham and prepare our salads. Once everyone arrived we were able to have presents (yes more!!!) and then eat our feast outside. It was lots of fun and so nice for all the cousins to spend the day together. We managed a rare photo of them all even with a few furry cousins that snuck in!!!

It was late when we arrived home so we decided the jobs could wait an extra day and we would have a lazy day on Boxing Day. This was supposed to include a day on the couch watching the cricket but like many Australians there was not much for us to watch!!! SH and I did something we haven't done for many many years and went to the movies together in the afternoon. We went and saw Little Fockers which was perfect for a relaxed day and gave us a good laugh!

Yesterday the lists began and first job was planting our new lemon tree which was our present from SH's sister and her family. Fingers crossed it is happy and grows well over the years.

The only 2 things that haven't been so bright over Christmas is that my laptop has 'died' for want of a better word!!! We are not so computer savvy and have tried all we know to get it working but looks like it will be taking a trip to the 'fix it' shop. I am using HS's computer but I am limited as to when I can use it, need to make the most of it when I can!! The other dull spot is that HS has been unwell all of Christmas, looks like he has some type of virus. Woke up Christmas Eve morning feeling miserable and basically slept Christmas away. Every time we turned around he was asleep again! He has had temperatures on and off and now has the sore throat and cough. Even when they are 6 foot young men you still worry about them. Hopefully he is on the mend in time for the New Year!

Coffee is calling so I better run......

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I am so so so lucky to have had Nemo for my SSCS partner this year. Wow what a gorgeous parcel!!! I have only opened it this morning, we were on the road early yesterday morning and by the time we got home all I wanted to do was hit the bed!!! As you will remember I had already opened 2 beautiful Christmas decorations. I also got this candle holder. It is only little and silver and so delicate. The tealight when lit rotates the top of it. It was rotating when I took the photo which is why it is not too clear but it looked so magical I couldn't resist!

I also got these 2 small blocks of Norwegian chocolate. It is a brand I have had before which I love!!! Whenever Mum visited our family in Norway she would have instructions to bring some home. It is a few years now since I've had any so I am looking forward to it!

Nemo does the most beautiful stitching, it is so fine. I received this hanging. I am sorry I didn't press it after its journey before taking the photos. It is the 'night before Christmas'. There are little mice peeking in the corners which are so cute. I love it.

Thank you so much Nemo, I am happy to meet a new blogger friend through the SSCS. I love all my gifts. Thank you also to Chookyblue for her organising, much appreciated!
Roll on next year!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Look, look, look!!!!!!

I am a competition junkie!!!! (yes as well as loving trashy tv!) I used to spend a lot of time and $ entering competitions but time got in the way and although I still enter a few a week there is no pattern to it and it has been a long time between prizes. A few months ago Cadbury held a competition in Woolworths stores and the major prize was a trip to the UK Cadbury. As my sister lives in the UK and it involved chocolate I had to give it a go. All you had to do was buy 2 blocks of chocolate (no hardship there) and enter. Well I didn't win the major prize but I was a minor prize winner and won a 10kg block of Cadbury dairy milk chocolate - food of the gods! It was delivered yesterday and I'm not sure who was more excited - the 'horsey' one or myself! She insisted on carrying it for the photo shoot and I insisted she was in the photo to show just how big it is! When you open it there are 5 x 2kg blocks inside!!! Now my biggest predicament is that only 2 days ago I stated that on January 1st I was 'throwing' out anything 'bad' in my pantry, removing temptation as such!!!! Is chocolate 'bad'??? or maybe I didn't say January 1st of which year!!!! Anyone care to visit???

Monday, December 20, 2010

BIg kids!!!!!

This was the first year in many that my Aunt didn't send the kids advent parcels working on the basis that they were getting too old! Of course while shopping one day the 'horsey' one just 'had' to have one!!! It was already well into December and had been reduced so it came home with us. Of course the next day I was back again getting one for HS as he couldn't miss out! They are Geelong Cats football ones and yes they are in prime position on the wall. I don't really mind as I aim to have a 'home' not a showroom and these are the things that make memories. I do giggle each time I walk past though!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little bit further.....

Friday was a very long day. The 'horsey' one had an orthodontist appointment at 9am in Ballarat so we set off nice and early to collect Mum on our way and be on time. After the appointment we hit the shops with a list and a purpose!!! By 3pm we had had enough so hit the road again - exhausted!!! I managed to cross a lot off the list so it was a successful day. When dropping Mum off she produced this table runner which she had made playing with the 'Twelve days of Christmas' jelly roll she bought at the quilt market a few weeks ago.It has suffolk puffs on each end and is quite thin, just perfect for my table. It came home with me, I love it and think I will use it all year around. She is planning to whip up some more!

Yesterday was a puddly day with a bit more shopping and a nanna nap! Today the cards are finished and all on their way. The last of the parcels that need posting are ready to go. We have had a cinnamon candle lit all day and have had carols playing. The glaze for the baked ham has been chosen , a chocolate tart baked and as I type SH and the 'horsey' one are making meringues!!! I have wrapped and sorted all day. There is still more wrapping to do but this will be factored in on the task list for this week which is the last job to be done today before I sit to read the paper and possibly snooze in the chair.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Such a nice feeling when you know your SSCS parcel has arrived safely at its destination! It also means I can show the decoration I made and sent. I have run out of time as I would of loved to have made more of these handbags for Christmas gifts. They are a pattern of Lisa's from 'A Spoonful of Sugar' and were published in a Handmade magazine. Now onto the next list for this morning before an early start at work!!! Last day for the week though and we are a bit scared to say it aloud but neither SH or I have anything in the diary for this weekend!!! I can see lots of cleaning, wrapping and baking while listening to carols coming up! Anyone care to join me??

Monday, December 13, 2010

Friends and celebrations!

I am so blessed to have a handful of friends that I have made around Australia in the different places we have lived that will always be my friends. They are those special people that just 'get' you! There is no pretending, it is genuine. Some I see often, others not so often but it always seems like just yesterday.
A few weeks ago the 'horsey' one and I took a road trip to Adelaide for the weekend to attend the 50th Birthday celebration for one such friend. We had made this friendship in Canberra many years ago when our children were at school together. Anne and I mainly keep in touch by 'texting', we are both busy and rarely at home at the same time to talk on the phone, unconventional but it works for us! The celebration was a 'High tea' at a hotel overlooking the beach in Glenelg. It was a gorgeous atmosphere, yummy food, great coffee and fantastic company!

This is one of the tiered plates of food. All of it was so so tempting.

Just had to share this photo of my gorgeous girl, she looked lovely and even better I got a photo of her smiling without a silly face!

Anne and her daughters, gorgeous girls inside and out!

The Birthday girl and I. (terrible photo of me!!)

At the end of the afternoon the walk back to where the cars were parked seemed so much further and the 'heels' just had to go!!!!
It was a 'huge' weekend but so worth it. Sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zone and make the effort. Life is short and our friends need to know how much they mean to us.

School has finished for the year and my girl is happy about that. She has not much planned for these few weeks before Christmas, sleep ins, reading and DVD viewing!!! In the excitement of the finish we had very sad news with one of our teachers being diagnosed with breast cancer and having surgery last week. She is only 26. Her husband is also a teacher at our school. They were leaving to teach in Singapore next year but now all of their plans are on hold as their lives take a different direction. We hold them in our thoughts and prayers.

Christmas is still coming!!!(surprise surprise!),after a horse competition being cancelled because of the weather yesterday the first batch of shortbread was made (with lots of tastings!) as was a batch of chocolate spice biscuits and a practice lemon tart in preparation for Christmas Day. All the rest of the overseas mail is ready to post today. There were 2 Christmas breakups on the weekend and another 2 tonight. All on schedule at this stage!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas is coming......

'Look' - a new quilt for Christmas!!! It is an Anni Downs design from Hatched and Patched. I love it! I put up a little tree yesterday (as we won't be home for Christmas I decided against putting up the big tree!!!), my 'Partridge in a pear tree' , my Advent candles and my quilt. That is all I plan to put up this Christmas, only a tiny portion of what I have but it will be manageable! I have done my first Christmas baking - chocolate puddings and rocky road, the first batch of shortbread will be made this week and wait for it I have even made a start on the Christmas cards!! I got my sister's parcel in the mail to the UK last week so at this stage I may just make it!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's arrived!!!

The postie visited me yesterday morning and delivered my SSCS10 parcel all the way from Norway!!! It was so exciting and I extended the excitement by holding onto it until this morning when I opened it and unwrapped my decoration. Oh my goodness they are beautiful.Two felt decorations, the stitching is so fine and I love that one has the year and SSCS embroidered on it ( I did this on mine last year but ran out of time this year!).Thank you Nemo. I will look forward to opening the rest of the parcel at Christmas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Budding artist!

Today I was lost for blogging content and as you realise I have been so much better at blogging lately that I really didn't want to miss today or you may never of heard from me again so I searched hard and found a post that had never got past the 'draft' stage, who knows why??? I obviously just never got back to it!!!
Last year HS completed year 12 and one of the subjects he did was studio art. It was a lot of work and if anyone ever thought of doing it as a bludge subject they would be very disappointed! His school held a mini art exhibition of all the artwork and folios of the year 11 and 12 students complete with wine and cheese. He only just got it finished and hung on time (mmm not sure who he takes after???) and wasn't all together happy with the finished pieces. We loved them, his subjects were musicians in bands he has seen. The director of the local art gallery visited each school and chose artworks to be displayed in the 'Top Arts' Exhibition. One of his series of prints were chosen. We were so proud of him and pleased his hard work had been recognised. I attended the opening with him and then went again with the rest of the family before the closing date. Can't say I've ever had my artwork on display!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Birthday fat 1/4 swap goodies!

I mentioned earlier in the month that I received some gorgeous gifts for my birthday from the fat 1/4 swap that I belong to. All of the girls were so generous, I have got so much new beautiful fabric. During the year I have found it hard to choose for other people but the people buying for me had no such problem, the fabric they chose is just so 'me'! I also got threads, buttons, beads, patterns and other extra goodies. I am looking forward to taking part again next year. Thanks to Maree for all her organising and to Laurie, Shari,Karin, Sheryl, Narelle and Sandy for the beautiful parcels.

I am looking forward to a creative and productive 2011!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

On it's way!

Well my SSCS10 parcel made it to the Post office yesterday and is on it's way!!!!! It was lots of fun planning and creating and is a swap I look forward to every year. Chookyblue does an amazing job running it. I have decided to be more organised next year and be able to post on the first day rather than the last!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A special gift!

The 'horsey' one kept 'forgetting' to bring my Birthday gift home from school until the end of last week! I didn't mind the wait because it made my Birthday last longer! Wow!! She made this mosaic bowl in 3D art and I love it. Haven't found the perfect spot for it yet but it will be treasured.
Last exam this morning for HS and there will be big celebrations in the household when it is all over! Fancy having to go through it all over again in 2 years time!!
I missed out on tickets to the Oprah shows in Sydney and although I had tried not to get my hopes up I was really disappointed. I know of a blogger who did get tickets though so at least it proves it was the luck of the draw!!
More Birthday gifts to share soon, SSCS parcel has to be posted really soon - I am starting my yearly panic!!! Yikes!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday week!

Well amongst exams (2 down 2 to go next week!)we have celebrated 2 Birthdays in our household this week! It was my Birthday on Monday (unfortunately I had to work,HS had an exam late in the afternoon and SH and the 'horsey one' had a pony club working bee to go to so not much celebrating! Yesterday was HS's Birthday and as it was a public holiday and his next exam is not until next Monday he could enjoy turning 19! We spent most of the day at a Pony Club games day but I cooked him a special dinner of chicken enchiladas - just the way he likes them - no onion, mushrooms or vegetable matter of any sort! and golden syrup dumplings! Do other families let the 'birthday person' choose their own meal??? His girlfriend make him these gorgeous cupcakes. She calls him 'Bear' so they are pandas - very cute!

I am in a Birthday fat 1/4 swap and these exciting parcels have arrived. With all the hustle and bustle here I have saved them to enjoy the 'opening' which will be today - also makes my Birthday last longer!!! Needless to say that means I will have more to post really soon!