Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm back .......

Well I can't believe it's a fortnight since I posted! No real reason except everyday life took hold, oh and we've had 2 lots of visitors!!
The day after my last post I worked in the morning and then headed over to Mums for the afternoon. It was the anniversary of Dads death, 12 years now but in some ways it still seems like yesterday. Mum is always very 'scratchy' at this time of year so the distraction of our visit was good for her. We took her out for lunch then visited the cemetery. After that was a visit to Mum's dentist for the 'Horsey' one for a second opinion! When she had visited our dentist for a check up the previous week he had suddenly decided she needed to urgently see an Orthodontist and honestly the prices he was talking was making me faint! Our regular dentist has recently retired and she was quite conservative about orthodontic work ! Anyway the 2nd opinion was yes she does need to see an orthodontist but as a planning tool which may involve some work now and eventually braces or a plate but certainly not at the prices he was quoting. The 'horsey' one didn't get a tooth until she was 13 months old and still has at least 6 baby teeth left. They don't fall out by themselves and are extracted when the adult tooth there comes through properly. A truly unique child!! Anyway she has decided she won't go back to the first dentist again so we will be making the trip to Mum's dentist for her regularly now!!
On the Saturday the 'horsey' one and I set off to Ballarat to catch up with 2 of her Godmothers (she has 3) and another friend. We all worked together many years ago and try and catch up a few times a year. Colleen and her husband have just been on a trip to Alaska and Canada and the photos were amazing! A part of the world I definitely need to visit one day.
The first lot of visitors arrived last Monday night at 11pm!!!!!! I am an early riser and an early to bed kind of person so this killed me having to stay up waiting for them to arrive! Add to this that I had spent the day running with dentist appointments (HS this time), haircuts, collecting drycleaning and parent teacher interviews all before the kids returned to school after holidays on Tuesday. It was our great friends from Queensland who had come for a flying visit. I help Robyn at trade craft shows , she is a button maker, and Mum stitches her samples. There is a show coming up in November and she will release a new quilt so she wanted to touch base and check on the progress. Her and Mum are very happy with the finished product so it was worth the 2000 odd km they travelled! We had lots of laughs, good food and wine while they were here.
The second lot of visitors arrived on Sunday ( honestly the dust in my house doesn't know what's hit it - being moved 2 weeks in a row!). My best friend since kindergarten Karen, her partner and my goddaugher 'Bianca'. They live in the city and this was there first visit to us for about 4 years. They stayed in a hotel and we had Bianca who is 2 for her first ever sleepover!! She was absolutely perfect for us! We had a lovely few days together. She is such a bright and talkative little poppet.
On the craft front I received some exciting parcels last week. Decided I couldn't be left out and I needed! the monthly pincushion kits. The first two arrived so I can't wait to get going on them. I also received the first instalment of the 'Bluebird' Quilt by Janelle Wind, a Block of the month. Another thing I can't wait to get going on. I have made some progress on something for Chookyblues SSCS. Of course it is a secret so I can't show you..... I am trying to do a little each day so I am not panicked closer to the deadline!! The work has been a bit slow as I'm nursing a sore arm after having a tetanus injection last week , the reason I had to have it was Jimmy bit me!! Wasn't really his fault, I put my finger in his mouth!! Yep sometimes I just don't think!! Luckily my finger is healing well!
Hoping things are back on track again and I'll be back to posting more regularly!! also will have time to visit everyone and catch up on all your news!


Anita said...

You have been busy. It is always nice to see old friends again. Will you have pictures of your friends new quilt or a link for a look? Inquiring minds want to know. lol

Owens Family Adventures said...

Yep, you win the Busiest Person Award!!! Wow!! I hope you penciled in some time for a nap this weekend my friend.
Sorry to hear about The Horsey One's teeth. Tell her the upside is she can eat a bunch of ice cream!!

Victoria said...

WHEW! What a whirlwind at your house! It sounds like such fun, though.
Aaron goes to a pediatric dentist/orthodontist that wants him to get braces to fix his spacing. He has somewhat small teeth, but not a bad bite. Michael has the same thing and looks fine, so we opted not to get braces. The doctor was crestfallen. Rachel goes to a different dentist and orthodontist. She had to get braces for an obvious underbite and she has a retainer now. She is so good about wearing it.
YIKES! Sorry to hear about the bite and need for a tetanus shot! I hope the soreness wears off soon and you can be a comfortable crafter.

Tanya said...

Oh dear. I bet Jimmy was sorry when you yelped! I've had a few teeth marks this week too from the kitties but they don't really draw blood (yet).

Carol said...

It sounds like you've had a lot on this last fortnight, I'm exhausted just reading. 12 years since your dad passed, I can't even imagine 12years from now, my thoughts are with you.

Liz said...

Busy busy busy! I can't wait to see the bluebird block of the month quilt!

Ruth's Place said...

Wow, you have been busy. Would love to see the block of the month by Janelle Wind. I went to university with her. Mind you I wasn't at all into quilting back then...isn't it a small world though?

Alison Boon said...

Teeth hey. Trouble getting them, trouble when you've got them and they fall out anyway, eventually. Still they do make a smile easier.