Monday, August 3, 2009

Lots of sheep and a chef or two!

Yesterday was our annual Sheepvention in town. I guess it is a cross between an agricultural show and a field day. It is huge for the town and the preparation begins weeks ahead with putting up a tent city at the showgrounds. The weather is generally cold and wet with plenty of mud underfoot. Accommodation is booked out months ahead and up until this year all of the schools had a holiday on the Monday (it goes for two days, Monday and Tuesday). This year the public schools have been given a day in November for Melbourne Cup day instead, something that doesn't really have the same impact on us here. I took the day off to go with my kids and to show Sharron something about the sheep industry!!! Mum came over for the day to go with us as well. Ran into Oz Country Quilting Mum there, looked like she was about to buy a very trendy washing trolley and tub!!! For those who pop in and say hi to her from time to time she is having a very special birthday this Friday!We always spend quite a bit of time watching the sheep dog trials. We especially love watching the young dogs who might be on their first outing. Mum decided yesterday that it was the sheep at fault when things didn't quite go according to plan!! Also proved to us just how 'uneducated' Jimmy is!
Wandering around the invention tent (of which none made much sense to me being a 'townie') we happened upon the shearing competition which was very entertaining. No idea who won but gosh they have a hard physical job.

There was a lot of displays of farm equipment there, massive big things. There were also displays of pools and caravans too, not sure how many farmers get the time to relax and use these!!
One of my favorite exhibits each year is the Alpacas. There are generally some very cute babies and this year was no exception. Lots of unusual colors and coats and beautiful eyelashes! Each year there is a huge fashion parade. The models come from the city as do a lot of the fashions. Not sure I have ever seen anything there I would actually wear but lots of fun to watch. Mum and I didn't get to this yesterday but the 'horsey one' did and said it was great. This incorporates a young designer competition (to make a wool garment) that receives a scholarship for a study tour to Milan. This year it was won by a young man with a striking red jacket.
This year for the first time the Shire sponsored a 'Great taste' tent with foods and wines from the region showcased. They had 2 celebrity chefs demonstrating throughout the day , Lyndey Milan and Riccardo Momesso. We were thrilled because HS's hospitality teacher chose him and another girl to assist the chefs throughout the day yesterday. They are both interested in getting into this area as a career, HS has wanted to be a chef for some time so it was a great experience for them. This isn't a great photo but that handsome lad assisting up there in the hat is my boy!! Think he will have slept well as they were on their feet all day and then assisted waitering at a canape / drinks evening last night.
I finished off my sheepvention by going to an informal gathering for past students and parents of the school I attended. They have a display at sheepvention and always have a little gathering for people associated with the school from this region.


Calidore said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful and very busy day. Well done to your boy at being asked to help with the "cheffing" side of things. I bet he was tired at the end of the day...vbg. Ohh and of course your Mum is right when the dog can't get the sheep to do what it wants - it's always the sheeps fault....roflmol.

Chookyblue...... said...

sounds like a great day out in the country........sheep are very stupid have to agree with your mum.......

Tanya said...

How's it going with Sharron? Are you guys all having fun? Has she gotten over her homesickness?