Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A quilty dilemma!

When SH called in to Mums for a coffee one day last week she sent him home with a parcel, a quilt each for the cats Fred and Peter to take to the cattery next week while we are away. She'd found them in the cupboard and they were 'old' things that might 'just' do for our furry friends!!!! When I opened the parcel over the weekend I found 2 small quilts Mum has made that I think are just gorgeous. She says the attic window one isn't quilted properly and the colors didn't work in the other one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay the question is what do I do? (our household is divided) Do I
send the quilts off to the cattery with Fred and Peter or do I add them to my quilt cupboard to enjoy?????


Sew Many Ways... said...

Haven't spoken in a while...hope all is well. I know you must be so busy right now getting ready for your trip. I think these quilts are great, but I can't tell the size. If they are too small for a lap quilt (for people), then I would let the cats enjoy them for their vacation. When you get home...washed the dickens out of them and use them for wall hangings. That way, you've made everyone happy.
I read your other post about tipping, ipods and bathing suits. If I remember from the past you said you were going to California. The weather there stays warmer than other parts of the country, so swim wear is probably still easy to find. What part of California are you going to? I'm so excited for you!!

Pen Pen said...

Snuggle in the quilts yourself, then let the cats use them... bring them back home and wash them. Then you'll have an even sweeter story to go along with the quilts. How sweet of her to send quilts for them to use!

Gina said...

How about splitting them. Keep one and send the other.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Wow - your Mum is really generous - they look great to me! Not being a cat lover I would keep them myself :)