Wednesday, September 19, 2012


On the days SH was in hospital in Geelong I would head down to the shopping centre during 'rest' time and have some lunch. I had a coffee at Muffin Break one day I was feeling a little lonely and got to the bottom of the cup and found this smiley face looking up at me. Made my day! Sure everyone around thought I was a little odd pulling out the camera!!! unless of course they happened to be a fellow blogger!


Joolzmac said...

That is so cute, guaranteed to make you smile! Love it!

Mistea said...

It's true smiles are contagious even when they are at the bottom of your coffee cup.

Happy hides in unusual places sometimes.

Hope there is a little happy this week.

Pen Pen said...

What a cute thing to surprise you. I hope things are going well!

Lorraine said...

how it! wish I could have coffee with you every day!

Floss said...

someday you just need a smile. Very cute.