Saturday, March 1, 2014

A basket of herbs.

I feel like I am starting to get somewhat organised in the kitchen now. Last weekend I picked up pots of coriander, basil, parsley and mint which look lovely in a basket in my kitchen. Now that I am using my Thermomix I am using a lot more of the fresh ingredients. Also managed an orange cake and a cuppa or two! Wonder what I achieve tomorrow ?


Brandie said...

If you have enough basil you could whip up a pot of pesto.
I love fresh herbs, love them!

Lorraine said...

the only trouble with whipping up all the yumminess like Clinker slice and cake (of any description) is I would then eat it all! Love seeing what you are achieving!

Willow Grove - Kez said...

Love you herb garden. Great idea. Yummy cake.

roth phallyka said...

Love seeing what you are achieving!

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