Monday, April 7, 2014


A friend passed on some photos last week of SH from a game fishing trip while we were living in Broome. I hadn't seen them for a long long time but they bring back such memories. I am sure SH and his mate Ian are sitting back somewhere sharing a beer and reminiscing about the ones that didn't get away! How lucky we are they had this opportunity before they were both lost far too soon and how lucky we are to be bake to share these memories.


ruthsplace said...

What an enormous fish. How lovely to have photos from your friend.

Chookyblue...... said...

that fish is they had fun together pulling that one in.........
they are probably sharing a beer together discussing "how BIG" that fish was........
lovely special memories.......See you very soon........

Indigo Blue said...

Crikey, that is some big fish! This is why I shall always prefer proper photos as opposed to those kept on the computer. I have some of my Dad and other relatives that have passed, around the house and we can look at them at any time and remember when they were taken.
Best wishes.

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How lovely to have photos from your friend.

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