Friday, January 23, 2009

Back to reality far too soon!!

It's the last morning of our holiday and in the next few hours we'll pack up and head home. At the moment I'm doing all of our washing as our washing machine died last week so one of the first things we have to do when we get home is buy another one!! It is still warm and we have promised each other that next time we will check for air conditioning before we book accommodation!!
Since I last posted we have visited the National Gallery of Victoria, years since I've been there but just as enjoyable as I remember. We've explored the Docklands area, had dinner with our wonderful friends and their gorgeous daughter who just happens to be my goddaughter ,had a little retail therapy and a fantastic dinner at a new Mexican restaurant in Lygon Street. Of course no trip to Melbourne would be complete without a chocolate experience or two so yesterday morning we enjoyed morning tea at 'Max Brenner', oh my goodness it was SO good!!! We also visited 'Haighs' and have a bag of goodies to take home and enjoy. This morning on our way home we will visit the Vic Market and fill our esky with fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta, fish and any other goodies that take our fancy. The quality is so much better than anything we can get in our local supermarkets and the fact the prices are more reasonable is even better!
Now that we are on our way we are all looking forward to getting home. The 'horsey' one misses Dudley, a long time since she hasn't ridden for a whole week and I really miss my own bed, my back is not the same at the moment, think it will take a while to return to normal!! We have been anxious about how Peter and Fred are, a friend is checking them and feeding them twice a day but am sure they will miss our cuddles and we are most anxious about our Jimmy. He has been boarding at the vet but while there he had his operation !! so will come home hopefully not too sore and sorry and maybe even a little quieter although I think that is wishful thinking!!!!!


Margaret said...

Hi, Do you now I was at Max Brennan's on Friday morning with two dds and one dgd. I will put photos on over the weekend. Did the horsey one get to pat the horses pulling the carriages that are part of the tourist attraction?

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Max Brenner, what a great place. I went with the mother and sister their on friday which one did you have adrink at QV or Melbourne Cantral.

Carol said...

Ahhhh see now you're my kinda gal. I had lunch at Max Brenners just after the new year at Highpoint. OMG it was good. Chocolate crepes! All roads lead to chocolate I say! LOL