Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My favorite Christmas gift!

I thought I'd share my favorite Christmas gift with you all. Yes it will take up room we don't have , no it's not very practical, realistically will only be used once or twice,it has nothing to do with quilting and everything to do with my healthkick failing but I love it!!!! A Chocolate Fountain!! SH was so sweet to think of it , he obviously knows me very well! I haven't tried it out yet but I have chocolate (good quality of course) on the shopping list for tomorrow as well as strawberries, marshmallows and wafers to dip into it. I did think a straw may work too but the rest of the family thought that was just too bad!
I had other photos to post today but blogger decided it hated me so it was just too hard. Think I'll leave it for tomorrow.
Absolutely nothing achieved on the craft front today, it was hot and by the time we cleaned out and rearranged the furniture in HS's room I decided a Nanna nap was called for!!
Today I would like to give thanks for a husband that enjoys and is happy to cook !!! Prayers for those who are not as lucky as me to have a wonderful family.


Owens Family Adventures said...

That is an awesome gift!!!! You must dip some marshmallows in it as soon as humanly possible. :)

April said...

Oh Yummy!!! WE got one as a wedding present, hint - you will need some oil to help the chocolate flow through, but it is so decadent and delicious - enjoy

April xx

Lily Boot said...

may I recommend some Arnott's Granitas as well - they always go down a treat when we have chocolate fondue - and they're almost healthy!

Carol said...

Yes!!! My step daughter had a chocolate fountain instead of a birthday cake at her 16th birthday. It was a huge hit. And obviously very healthy. Well ... I did dip a strawberry into all that luscious chocolate! ROFL