Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Elephants - tick!

Well there has actually been some stitching today!!! After realising just how behind I was with Lynette Anderson's 'Noah's Ark' BOM I set myself the challenge of at least finishing one block today. The elephants are complete and I even made a start on the giraffes!! This is a project I would really like to complete so I will be concentrating on it. I haven't added any of the borders yet, thought I would wait until the stitching is finished.

I have redrawn my Australia Day giveaway and this time there is 2 winners as both the 'horsey' one and HS wanted to draw it. So the winners are Laila and Anita (bed of roses). I will shoot you both an email soon so you can forward me your snail mail addresses. Laila has been very lucky lately winning a few giveaways while I think this is Anitas first win. I hope they will not be disappointed with their parcels!!


Anita said...

Alright I knew begging would work. My luck has changed for the better my first win in blogland. Maybe this is the start of a TREND!. No room for disappointment here.

Tanya said...

Good for you for staying with this! I have had fun too this year with Noah's ark but I'll be glad when we're finished just because I hate looking at the end of the month and knowing I'm behind! ONE MORE BLOCK TO GO!