Monday, April 20, 2009

Basketball and Quilt shops!

Well I've been in Bendigo again for 3 days with HS so he could ref at a basketball tournament. Not sure he realises still that for him to earn some money it costs us a lot more!!! Still happy though that it is 3 days he is active and not sitting in front of the computer. He was also able to come home with a higher grade so that was good. A bit different going to a tournament as the parent of a ref rather than a player. I have a lot more spare time and am really under no obligation to watch endless games. I do try and watch the games that he refs and it has been very good for my self control to sit there and listen to parents blaming everyone else for their childs team losing!!! Yesterday a child (this is an U14 comp) was given a tech foul for deliberately throwing a ball into an opponents back outside play and the parents supporting his team thought it was funny???? Maybe to them - winning is everything? but I worry what lessons they are teaching!
On Friday I went on a mini road trip and visited Maldon and Castlemaine while I was so close. They are historic towns that have lots of interesting little shops. Of course they both have a Quilting shop - what a shame!!! I was very good and only bought 1 fat quarter!!! but at Threadbear in Castlemaine I could of easily bought a lot more. They had a fantastic range of 1930's fabrics and flannels that were so tempting! On Saturday I went to just one more quilting shop - Attic Crafts in Bendigo, well worth a visit, lots and lots of lovely stock. Mum needed some fabric to finish a quilt for my sister and after a disastrous attempt to order it online (she ended up ordering the wrong pattern and the wrong amount!) I was able to get what she needed there. I also picked up a lovely piece of linen / cotton blend to do some stitcheries and a few skeins of DMC linen which tickled my fancy!
The 'horsey' one is home on Saturday, the count down is on now, we are all getting excited. They are now doing the touristy part of their trip, the great wall, the terracotta warriors etc. Just before they left the sister school we had an email that on their last host family visit she was given a gift of a 'turtle'!!! Obviously it is not coming home with her!!


Calidore said...

I'm so glad you had another good trip away. Aren't the quilting shops in Castlemaine and Maldon amazing. I think you were very dislaplined...vbg. In all the years I have been going to Bendigo I haven't checked out the quilting shops there. An oversight on my part. I really must make time for a trip down again and have a good look round.

Ruth's Place said...

Castlemaine is a lovely little town. I wasn't a quilter when I lived in Bendigo, so missed visiting that quilt shop.

Glad to hear that your daughter is still having a good time.

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