Friday, April 3, 2009

Tears and Laughs!!!

I didn't have to work today which was just lovely! After having a coffee in town this morning with a friend I headed out to Traceys from ozcountryquiltingmum for us to begin the huge job of sorting, finishing and gifting the blocks and quilts donated for the fire victims. My goodness - the blogging community is SO generous. It is just amazing what has been posted to Tracey. I must admit the two of us were quite overwhelmed and very teary going through it and reflecting on the tragedy and the lives lost. We have plans for some of the quilts but it will be an ongoing project for the next few months. We also had some laughs and the time got away from us very quickly!!
I had an email from the 'Horsey' one today. I had heard she had been talking to her cousin on facebook or msn 2 days ago so I was hoping she'd remember her parents soon!! SH had to go to school yesterday to collect her horse softie she'd left on the bus , hadn't even made it to the plane!! Goodness knows what else she has lost! She is having a great time although struggling with the food already. Her camera is not working - she wonders if she dropped it one too many times!!!!!!! A slight disaster on the 1st night in the motel, she sleptwalked and ended up in the passage outside her room locked out. It took her over half an hour to wake a parent travelling with them who managed to wake her roommate to let her back in! Thank goodness I only found out afterwards or I would of been worried sick! She used to sleepwalk a little when she was younger but it is years since she has. Nothing like a bit of excitement and it is only day 4!!
I am off to Bendigo bright and early tomorrow morning as HS is refereeing at a basketball tournament for the next 3 days. He will be earning some $ !!! (lots he hopes) but not sure he realises it will cost us for travel and accommodation. Oh well it will be 3 days he is not sitting in front of the computer so it will be worth it. School holidays have started now for a fortnight so guess there will be plenty of computer time to come!


Sew Many Ways... said...

The blogging world is amazing...especially the quilting world. Your daughter sounds like our daughter Kelsie. Always leaving stuff somewhere (brand new digital camera in Disney), dropping or breaking cell phones (actually dropped one in a glass of milk.)It's ok though...makes them who they are.
Talk to you soon,

Laila L S said...

Saw pictures at Traceys blog. Seems you`ve had lots of work and some fun too.
What an overwelming lot of blocks.
If I lived near you I would have come to help,but it`s a little bit to fare away.
(Don`t know how many hours I would have to spend in a plane from Norway...)