Sunday, October 18, 2009

I've got mail!!!

While wading through the huge pile of mail that had come for us while we were away I was very excited to find a parcel for me and even more excited when I realised it was from the 'Washcloth swap # 2' that I signed up for with Jodie on .It was a lovely very achievable swap (very important when time is precious!!) a handmade washcloth and a packet of seeds for our spring gardens. I received a beautiful parcel from Carol at .It was wrapped in fabric (what a great idea and one I may use myself) with a gorgeous tie of little pink pom poms, inside was 2 washcloths - a pink one with a butterfly design (that I have used myself for others - I am so happy to have one of my own!!) and a blue one with a star design, there was also 2 packets of seeds which I am going to enjoy, I have just the right spot to put them, some Impatiens and some Gypsophila. Thank you so much Carol , it is perfect.

My apologies for not blogging about it straight away but it has taken me this long to work out how to get photos from my new camera to the computer, slow I know , think the grey matter is still on holidays!!!


Cardygirl said...

What lovely mail...worth waiting for!

Lurline said...

Great gift - will you be game to use the dishcloths? I've knitted one, very light and I'm not game to use it!
Hugs - Lurline♥

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

How lovely to come home to some mail! The dishcloths look lovely.

Margaret said...

Great mail and seeds that will have a remembering quality of hapiness

Ruth's Place said...

Welcome back.

How nice to have fun mail to open when you got home!