Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My new knitting bag.

Here are the gifts I received from Catherine when we met, a beautiful bag and a doll pin cushion which is too nice for that so I am going to use it to keep my brooches pinned in my bedroom. The bag is being used for knitting, only until I finish the vest both Catherine and I are knitting together then it will become a special everyday show off kind of bag.The only problem is that is a long way off happening, no Catherine, I haven't even started yet!! Oops!! I am working at the boarding house this weekend so hopefully I will be able to sit and knit for hours!!!


Mistea said...

Lucky you - they are gorgeous presents.

I have started knitting a vest this week - just the weather for it - can't wait to see yours.

Calidore said...

VBG - not saying a word about the knitting...good luck with the knitting at the boarding house though. It's just the thing for filling in time while not having to think too

Carol said...

Absolutely gorgeous knitting bag. Oh my! I will look forward to your knitting show and tell pics!

Indigo Blue said...

Lovely bag and a very unusual pin cushion. I have been crocheting a cushion cover at the moment and giving knitting a bit of a rest for a while.