Monday, June 27, 2011

Cheats 3 ingredient slice!

As I have said before we bake most mornings for the lunchboxes.Yesterday I decided to start the week one step ahead but still short of time I 'threw' this slice together It is super easy and only has 3 ingredients.
375g of mixed fruit or sultanas or dried apricots or choc bits (guess you could also use nuts)
1 cup SR flour
1 tin skim condensed milk ( I don't use the skim but only because I always have the normal condensed milk in the pantry)
Mix all together and pour into a lined slice tin. Bake in a 150 degree oven for about 35 minutes or light brown on top. Do not overcook or slice becomes crunchy, it is meant to be chewy. You can drizzle melted chocolate on the top to dress it up.
I usually put choc bits in it and find it great when you are short of time.


Anita said...

Sounds fast and easy. So if I wanted to make something like this how many cups of mixed fruit would I use and I'm not sure what SR flour is. It's been a very long time since I was in math class.

Brandie said...

Looks too yummy not to try! Now that I have a working oven, there's no stopping me.

Carol said...

Oh Good Lord what are you doing to me? Just slap this on my thighs and we'll call it a day! That looks utterly delicious.