Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some random thoughts..

I have a cold and am feeling miserable so although I really want to keep posting daily (and in theory it becomes a habit) I have no idea what to write I thought I would just ramble a few things that I need to share (and that to be honest no one else really needs to know about!!)
  • HS is doing well back at work, on full hours but not quite full duties yet. He is going to physio and hand therapy each week and although the therapists thought his progress was slow they are very pleased this week. He is in Melbourne tonight for a heavy metal concert!
  • Work is not so enjoyable these days but I am sure it will turn around soon, a time of conflict and change - neither that I handle particularly well. Only 4 hours to work tomorrow then it is over until Monday morning again!
  • The 'horsey' one went back to school after holidays this week. It will be a busy term for her with exams and end of year activities. Leadership positions are announced next week so fingers crossed that she gets the position she would like.
  • My crochet is growing, I loved working on it in the car on the weekend, the trip went really quickly. SH is getting some more wool for me tomorrow when he is out of town for a meeting. Not so happy about having to visit Spotlight but he will do it for me!!
  • My mystery BOM has had no more progress but looks at me daily and tempts me! Sunday will be a home day so I have promised it an outing then!
  • I am slowly making progress with my SSCS but as it is a secret can't say any more than that!!
  • I have a new recipe for a Honeycomb ice cream cake which I bought the ingredients for a week ago but still haven't made it! Hopefully I will be sharing soon!
  • A big Hi to 3 new readers that have found my blog and that I know in real life, Michelle P, Karen and Maddie!
And that is that.........................hope to be back tomorrow with something of interest to share!!!

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Brandie said...

Hopefully when you return you are also feeling better. Take care