Saturday, October 1, 2011

Go Cats!!!

Today is the AFL grand final and we have our fingers and toes crossed that the Cats get up over the Pies. The house is decorated with posters and balloons (skipped the streamers this year because of the rain) and took some lovely photos but without the memory card in the camera so you will just have to believe me! The pies are in the oven (meat pies not Collingwood) and we also all have a Cadbury chocolate football for the afternoon. Note - do not buy them when they first come out at $10 each but wait until Grand final week when they are only $2.50! For once I had a win!! The heater is on and the crochet is waiting.....Jimmy is ready and has been practising his ball skills this morning , he is named after Jimmy Bartel so has quite an interest.
Now for the game.........


Margaret said...

Geelong goal 1

can't wait for football and winter to be gone, wish it was as easy as the advert that has bushes neighbour be gone

A divided famil is ours so I hope the winnere wins ( i/m a bit Irish )

joolzmac said...

I made hot dogs (with the lot) for lunch - Don's franks, toasted buns, grilled cheese, onion & bacon with American mustard and tomato sauce - so good! The lounge curtains are drawn and Gus is in front of the big screen (it's not huge!) and I am as far away from it as possible! Cannot stand football! Lol!

But, yeah... 'carn the Cats!


Brandie said...

One thing I miss about Australia, Cabury chocolate!
We have some here, but it just doesn't taste the same as being there eating it. Must be the salty air?
Those little caramel koala bears that you sent me, weren't too bad. I would eat one and say, I think these taste as good as I remember, than I'd eat another. Suddenly they were all gone.