Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just not right!

9pm basketball games when it is wet and cold are just not right!!!! Not happy! I am ready for my flanny pjs and bed now!

(I should confess that yes it is only 5.50pm now)
(I should also confess that it is the 'horsey' one playing and I am just team manager and the only parent to turn up each week and score)


Joolzmac said...

Ah, I have fond memories of that! Yes, I and one other mum used to score each week because no-one else showed up! Between freezing through winter and frying in summer, I don't know what was worse. I feel for ya!


Chookyblue...... said...

woops in my flanny pj's already........and i'll probably be in bed by 9pm..........lol

Mistea said...

I worked tonight so have just come in fortunately it is neither raining nor cold here at present.
Enjoy those PJ's when you get home.

Cardygirl said...

Not good...need a big snuggly coat!

Lorraine said...

a big snuggly coat with PJ's underneath...LOL

Indigo Blue said...

It is fleecy PJ's for me here in cold and soaking wet Cornwall! I am with you on this one!