Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun day out!

As it's school holidays here and I'm working a large portion of them I am trying to do 'fun' things when I am home. We had planned to visit a local 'wildlife park & zoo' over the weekend although the weather was against us , cold and wet. The horsey one decided that didn't matter so she organised us all and we set off yesterday morning. SH was working and HS not interested so it was just the three of us and we met Mum there. First adventure was getting there! I will confess now I have no memory for directions and not much sense for them as well.......I knew the general direction but when faced with a forked road, yep you guessed it I took the wrong one and we went over the mountain and even being the driver I was feeling a little on the seedy side, anyway it took longer than I expected but we arrived safely. We had a wonderful day. You are allowed to feed most of the animals and as you walked in the gates the deer become your new best friends and stay with you, very close until all your food has run out! There are kangaroos and wallabys,a koala, wombats (sound asleep), possums (also sound asleep), dingos, emus, ostrichs, monkeys(?), lots more deer, peacocks, and even a huge pig. After exploring Mum and I got our coffee fix while the kids looked at the reptiles and generally ran around getting rid of some excess energy while eating every last cookie I had packed along with the thermos!
The evening was spent as a family (in a somewhat dubious manner!), after eating a magnificant roast dinner that SH had prepared we settled down to watch the return of 'Gladiators' tv show. It was a favorite of HS when he was a tot and it has just been relaunched with all new gladiators. He wondered out loud if it was as corny when it was on 12 years ago - yes! but we all still sat and watched and probably will again next Sunday evening!!!
Not much in the quilting news - oops will try better later in the week.

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Owens Family Adventures said...

Hi!! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! I came on over here to read all about cha' and can I just say I love the Little Boy Blue block you've done!! How cute is that!! Have a wonderful day!!
Signed Dawn...of the five zillion exclamation points hahahaha