Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love new whitegoods....

Neither my Super Husband or I had to work today and the kids are on school holidays so a mucky day trying to accomplish a few household chores. SH and I started the day by searching out a new fridge. Ours was about 12 years old but had travelled the country on our many moves , the seal was shot and it was either freezing things or not keeping cold. Time to be relegated to the shed as a beer fridge! We managed to find what we wanted that would fit in the very tight gap and even better the competitor business matched the price and delivered this afternoon. We now have a very shiny new member of the family, don't think it has any idea just how overworked it is going to be!!
While SH and kids slept in this morning I got up at normal time and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the house. Even managed to get some computer time and then some ironing done while watching the morning news on tv - bliss.
I have to admit, over the last few months of reading others blogs I have often wanted to comment or had things I would like to write about. Now I am finding I am a bit nervous about it all, the words are not flowing quickly and it is taking a bit of getting used to. Please bear with me as I am sure the teething problems will soon disappear and I will wonder why I ever struggled!
No quilting or stitching to report on today, and I must confess the quilt yesterday was Mums that she is making Gracie....
SH has just made the most beautiful blueberry and banana bread - I know what I want for supper tonight.

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