Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Boy Blue complete!!

One block down of the nursery rhyme quilt, NINE to go! Have put together 3 little pigs this morning so ready to start the stitching. Doesn't help that I have another 3 projects on the go at the same time which are distracting!

Managed to get the kids moving yesterday and today, slow mornings but definately not all day pyjama days. Yesterday afternoon I took them to the indoor pool to swim where what a shame I drank coffee, read a magazine and stitched while supervising, then today sent the younger two to the movies to see 'Dr Suess - Horton hears a hoo'. The horsey one enjoyed it.

I must explain, my profile does say I only have 2 children but we also have an 11 year old chinese boy from Hong Kong that lives with us. Seb arrived in April as a very small 10 year old with no english to attend the school that my children go to. As he was too young for the boarding house we agreed to him homestaying with us. This is a stepping stone for him to learn a bit of the culture, some sport and the language before he joins his 3 brothers (there is also a sister still in HK - so yes 5 children in the family ) in Adelaide in July this year. He went home for 6 weeks at christmas time but otherwise has been with us. It has been both a rewarding and frustrating experience. It has taught my children tolerance and sharing but has also impeded our lifestyle to a certain extent. We had just got to the easier stage with ours and all of a sudden had to think again what boundaries were appropriate for a 10 yr old, particularly one with poor social skills. As he is clever he has been in classes with older children for most of his school life. He is currently doing year 8 with the horsey one as opposed to year 5 which would be age appropriate. His English has really improved and he is a happy little boy who has fitted in to this madhouse well. We will miss him when he leaves but gosh it will be nice to make the streak from bathroom to bedroom in just our underwear!!


Andrea said...

Lovely block - I clicked on the picture and your buttonhole stitching is really neat. Nice story about your little lodger. Will you make him a quilt to take home with him ?

Winona said...

I hope you continue to post pictures of the nursery quilt as you get them done. I really love this block. Also wanted to say, I think you are doing a fine job with your blog. I just found it today, but went back and read from the beginning. I wouldn't have done that if it wasn't interesting. (grin) Keep up the good work.

purple and paisley said...

your quilt block is adorable...thanks for stopping by my blog...for being a relatively new blogger, you are doing fantastic!