Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bon Voyage!

My 'Handsome Son' is at this moment in an aeroplane on his way to Hong Kong for the school holidays!! He has gone with a friend 'Sam' to stay with a schoolmate 'Sing' and his family for almost 3 weeks. Sing is an international student at our kids school and often escapes the boarding house for holidays, weekends and dinner once a week at our house where he proceeds to eat us out of house & home and become one of the family. On a Friday evening he will be found watching 'Aussie Rules' football with SH! A lot of the International students don't intergrate well and stay as a little tight formed group - not Sing, he really is friends with all the Aussie kids. He always has the most beautiful smile, lovely manners and is ready to help but is frustratingly unorganised and vague!! His parents visited him at school last year and we enjoyed a dinner together. They are lovely people and so eager to repay the hospitality shown to their son. To say I have not had a few anxious moments about this trip would be untrue. I realise though that I must let go at some stage and what greater gift could I give a child than independence. My 'HS' is generally sensible and so is his friend Sam. They have some preparation for this trip after taking part in the school's compulsary trip to China last year (they then travelled with a parent doctor and nurse and teachers!!). I hope they make the most of this holiday and enjoy the opportunity they have been given. I am sure there will be some hours spent playing computer games, shooting the basketball and lazing around - they after all are 16 year old boys!! We at home are hoping for some regular contact to say they are okay and as the 'horsey one ' says 'some decent presents'!! I wanted to take a photo as they left for the airport with Sams parents yesterday afternoon but it was raining and noone had counted on how they were going to fit 5 people and 5 lots of luggage (Sams parents are going on their own holiday) into the car!! I stayed inside and waited until the menfolk had shut the boot tightly and were sure nothing would escape!!


Mad about Craft said...

Isn't hard to let go?

My son is currently in the Czech Republic (nothing to do with my trip)on a preparation trip for some group charity work that he takes part in, in July and he goes to university in September. I am dreading that although I want him to go and I accept it as natural progression.

Little Mysteries said...

Hope he has a wonderful holiday.