Tuesday, June 17, 2008

She loved it!

This is my darling goddaughter wrapped in her quilt celebrating her 2nd birthday. We gave her a 'Curious George' dvd, a little monkey purse and her quilt - yes there was a monkey theme! She immediately wrapped herself in the quilt and wore it as a cape and then later snuggled under it watching her dvd - what more could I have asked for? She is a very bright and intelligent child (must take after me) but will give her parents a run for their money in the years to come. Her Mum is my best friend who I have known since kindergarten.

After the birthday celebrations we made our way to the airport to put Sebastian on the plane home to Hong Kong. He has lived with us for the last 15 months and had become one of the family. Although he frustrated Aunty and Uncle to distraction at times he was a very young 11year old with a wicked sense of humor. We will enjoy having just our own family unit back ( especially being able to make the dash from bathroom to bedroom without having to wonder where he is!) but will miss him. He cried saying goodbye and so did I. It was a rewarding experience having him stay with us and taught us all a lot about patience, sharing, and understanding a different culture, it also taught us all children are basically the same no matter what their culture and appearance. I feel for his Mum who has only her 5 children together for a few weeks each year. She will never get those missed years back.


Victoria said...

I love that realization when what you made is appreciated. It is a wonderful thing! The sock monkey quilt is beyond cool! I love the monkey theme. You have been such a busy woman!

In your earlier post I noticed a red paisley shirt my husband would love to wear. He is always looking for fun patterns. I like to stick him wih blues and chocolate browns, but he loves paisley and hibiscus.

It was great hearing from you and I hope you get a chance to see the movie. It is goofy, but I really enjoyed seeing it with my 13 year-old. :)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

There is nothing like dropping everything and making a special quilt, looks great.
Your home is going to be very different now that your extra boy has gone back. There is no way i could send my children away to school like that! Tracey

Pen Pen said...

Love the quilt... how sweet you are to make all these wonderful things for her!

Carol said...

Giving a quilt is such a wonderful thing because your god daughter is going to feel like she's enveloped in a big hug from you, every time she has it around her or over her. Beautiful work.