Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Happy Dance!

I am doing a happy dance!!! I have just got back from doing groceries and no that is not the reason, but while doing the said groceries the latest copy of my favorite craft/quilting magazine was in, 'Homespun'. I have brought it home , now I have to savour it unopened for a while then when I have a luxourious hour ( I know that is non existant but you have to pretend!!) I sit down with a proper coffee and some chocolate and enjoy every page. Like to join me??? I actually bought a 2nd copy so if there is anyone overseas who can't buy it locally that would like a copy let me know. I will pop it in the mail to the first person to leave a comment.
On the stitching front I sat down last night in front of the Olympics (Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!) and did some more of my Sashimo stitching. It is coming along nicely now and I have had to discipline myself all day to do my jobs and not pick it up!!
On the puppy front Jimmy slept all last night so is not up for adoption today!!


Mischief Maker said...

Jimmy looks so cute. Give him a big cuddle for me. I can't wait to see the photo's of your Japanese embroidery. It sounds lovely.

Anne Heidi said...

Sounds like a perfect day! We don't have a puppy keeping us awake, but after returning from Florida Sigve seems to have a hard time getting adjusted to the time difference. As a result he's been sleeping in our bed for a couple of nights now.... Wish we could get Homespun here, would love to sit down with you and have coffee and chocolate :) (I'll bring the Norwegian chocolate...)

Carol said...

I usually do the happy dance when I get home after the groceries when Cadbury brings out a new flavour and I've bought it home to try! ROFLMAO.

Can't wait to see the embroidery.

Janette said...

Sounds just perfect, favourite mag, good coffee and chocolate!! The puppy is so cute, hopefully you wont have too many sleepless nights.

Victoria said...

What a relaxing, after grocery, experience! :) Having chocolate involved is always a good idea! Yeah, for sleeping puppies, too!