Monday, August 4, 2008

So many exciting things to show and tell!

Well it was another busy weekend in Chocolate Cat land as SH would say!! We had a boarder to stay, Bree is in HS's year but as she is horsey she gets on very well with the 'horsey' one. We actually banned horse talk at times!! Bree is from Tasmania so only gets home on the holidays. I seemed to spend a lot of the weekend baking! The 'horsey' one and Bree had a clinic with lessons (riding) both Saturday and Sunday so I supplied a hedgehog slice, a ginger and pear upside down cake, and some banana muffins. Saturday evening we made our own pizzas. Mine began as gourmet - pumpkin, fetta and chicken, but I decided I couldn't have pizza without cherry tomatos, mushroom and onion as well so it grew. It was Yummy! Sunday evening we cooked a beautiful big roast beef with the best yorkshire pudding..... I baked a pavlova for dessert, was pretty good if I do say so myself!
We also made a chocolate cake which we sent back to the boarding house with Bree!
Monday was a holiday from school as 'Sheepvention' was on, it's a big field day type sheep show that the whole town stops for. Unfortuantly I had to work so it was the first year in a while I haven't been able to go. SH and the kids went and had a great time seeing what was around.
Luckily the Post Office didn't have the day off as I got some fantastic mail yesterday. I got a pattern I had ordered 'Woof' by Lynette Anderson. It really appeals to me! I also got a parcel from the '4 wise monkeys' . I won a giveaway on this blog a little while ago. I received my very own copy of Rosalie Quinlan's book 'Gift'. I have already earmarked some projects to start on, think it might even be this weekend if I can find fabric!! I also received a little bag. I had admired the ladybug stitching on Rachels blog (they are a favorite of mine) but never imagined they would ever belong to me. I don't think I have ever seen such wonderful stitching, puts mine to shame. The little bag is all my colors and will be treasured.

Last night I attended a 'gathering ' for the boarding school I attended quite some years ago. They have a stand at Sheepvention so have a get together each year with old students, old parents and current parents. I was able to catch up with a teacher that was special to me. He is getting older and is quite unwell, it may be the last year he makes it here.
This afternoon was quite a momentous occassion in our house and very exciting!! We have a puppy to join our menagerie (and before anyone worries Jess is okay and doing well and we are hoping this will give her a new lease of life). His name is Jimmy (for those Victorians - after Jimmy Bartel, the Geelong footballer), he is 6 weeks old, he is part kelpie / part whippet (the same as Jess) and oh so so cute. We had no intentions of getting a puppy but he was advertised in the newspaper and just seemed like it was meant to be. Jess was 1 when we got her so we have never had a puppy. I have been shopping and bought an amazing amount of things, a bed,a playpen, kennel, food, porridge!,and toys!!!


Gina said...

That Pavlova makes me feel extremely hungry for goodies.
Love Jimmy, he's so cute

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Owens Family Adventures said...

The Pavlova looks like it came right out of a magazine! and the can you get anything done during the day?? I would be sitting there, getting lost in all the cutness that is puppy breath and puppy toes and puppy tummy and...see you get the idea!!! hahahahahaha Glad everything is well in your part of the world my friend!

Tanya said...

Congratulations! And Jimmy is a darling! I'm sure he knows he come into the right family! Lots of LOVE.

Make sure Jessie gets a lot of attention too. It is easy to give these puppies and kittens all the cuddles and the poor older ones can get left out. (I notice this with children when a baby comes into the family too. Everybody rushes to the baby!)

Victoria said...

What a busy household and one that would make my hips expand with all that talk of tasty food!

Oh, what a cute puppy! Such a neat combination, too! (((hugs))) to that adorable addition to your family!

Carol said...

Some things are definitely meant to be and we don't question it - Jimmy looks to be one of those things. Absolutely adorable, I look forward to many pictures.

As for the pav, guess what is cooling in my oven as I type - yes a pav, and there's a punnet of strawberries in the fridge to put on it. Hubby is coming home today and we were meant to go out and I was bringing a dessert - whether we go or not, they're not relying on my dessert now so either I take it for extras or we stay home and hubby can have it all on his own.

Yours however looks far far better than I could ever make.

Pen Pen said...

Jimmy looks so sweet.... new puppies are great. Love their little puppy breath!

Little Mysteries said...

All your cooking sounds delicious. Love the gorgeous Lady Bug bag, its so sweet. Your new puppy looks adorable. Glad to hear that Jess is doing well.

Annie said...

I have that book too and can't wait to try some projects. Racael is an excellent sticher