Monday, December 1, 2008

I've got mail!!!

I received a parcel today from April (Cake makes the world a better place) in the UK . She was my swap partner in the Christmas Decoration swap organised by Indigo Blue. How lucky was I? She sent me a cross stitch card and 2 cross stitch decorations. They are just so cute. I bought a new little Christmas tree today so they have pride of place on that. We have decided we won't put up our big tree this year due to Jimmy. He eats and plays with everything ,often destroying the item in the process!! This little tree will sit in the middle of our dining table where he just can't reach!


Indigo Blue said...

The decoration's look good on your new tree. Can you upload the pictures to the flickr pool or email them to me and I will add them on April's behalf. Soem others have been added from other swappers if you want to see what has been sent arround the world.

Tanya said...

Yes. I can imagine Jimmy having a great time under the tree. In our case, the cats are able to get up on ANYTHING! I may have to put the tree outside if I want to keep the cats off of it!

Victoria said...

What great gifts! You are so wise about the tree. I should have done that when the kids were little. :)

Carol said...

Our cat is usually very good with the tree, she has a sniff and that's about it. At least while we're watching. I bet she has a right old party with the tree once we've gone to bed ROFL.

Ruth's Place said...

We are still debating whether to put up a tree - we have a toddler that eats and destroys everything (evil grin).

Gorgeous decorations.

isant said...

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