Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parcels and Bon Voyage!

I received two parcels in the mail recently. This one was from Missie Krissie and was the necklace I'd ordered for my sister for her 40th Birthday with her 3 children's names stamped on it. I love it so I'm really hoping she does too! Kris also sent me a little gift. In the front of the photo is a wee little green envelope, well in that envelope is the dearest pair of earrings. As hard as I tried I could not get a photo that was in focus!!! They are drops which I usually find hard to wear but because they are so small these are perfect. Think I will wear them out with the amount of outings they are having!! Thank you so much Kris.

Also received 2 parcels lately from my sister in the UK. I had mentioned that I'd like to have a look at the 'Sew Hip' magazine so lo and behold she posted the last 2 months issues to me. Some of the things in there I won't ever do but there are a few projects I will have a go at and always nice just to see what is out there!
Well it's Bon Voyage to Mum today. She is off to England for 7 weeks to spend time with my Sister and her family. We went and took her out for lunch yesterday and got our final list of instructions!!! I will really miss her. Since Dad died about 13 years ago I have phoned her every day and generally know her whereabouts. She loves seeing my sister (my only sibling) and spending time with her 3 littlies but always gets apprehensive about the travel. I know she will have a fantastic time.


Sew Many Ways... said...

Wonderful goodies in the mail. I know your sister will love her gift...anything with childrens' names are the best. I hope your mom has a safe and fantastic trip!!

Margaret said...

Do you and your sister have Skype ? it is a greeat way to keep in touch. I priced sending books oversas and Australia wanted heaps and heaps . We will expect to see something in the future from your new books.

Calidore said...

Weren't you spoilt. Love the Sew Hip Mag. I picked one up at the local fete and it had so many ideas in it. Hope Mum has a safe trip - she will have a wonderful time.