Thursday, October 21, 2010

More baking!

As I think I have mentioned before we bake most mornings before school for the lunchboxes and after school treats. One day we may get more organised and do all our baking on the weekend but that hasn't happened for a long while! We generally stick to our easy favorites but last week I had a 'memory'!!! of a cookie we hadn't had for a long while. I went searching and luckily it was easy enough to 'whip' up!!! It is a photocopy of a recipe out of a magazine passed on by a friend who made a batch of them as a gift for me at least 8 years ago. They have the name of 'Gil's giant peanut butter cookies' and best part of all for me is that you put 2 squares of chocolate onto the top of them (4 if you can fit it and are being indulgent!!). The trick is to only use good quality chocolate - luckily Cadbury has been on sale a lot lately ($2.15 per block at Woollies this week, cheaper than cooking chocolate!). They are not truly lunchbox cookies, a little too indulgent but this is a big week for us so I made an exception and I am SO glad I did!!! Yum!

Boarders dinner went well last night. Tonight is the year 12 service and dinner. It is a dressy affair so I have a new outfit and am all organised. I have plenty of tissues packed as this 'whole end of an era' is making me somewhat unsettled and nostalgic!!! Yesterday was casual clothes day so the year 12's decided to wear their pjs! HS left the house in his Mountain Dew pants (the best buy from our trip to the States last year) and his ugg boots, one of which the zip had gone so he 'sewed' his foot into it and then proceeded to swelter!! I had great delight in saying 'I told you so!!!!!'

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