Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Irish adventure!

The 'horsey' one spent last week doing a paddy wagon tour of Ireland with another 299 gap students! Her bus travelled from North to South. She discovered a lot about the political history in Belfast and enjoyed the beauty of the country as they travelled down South. They visited the Guiness factory on the last day and apparently she earned a certificate! It wasn't all smooth sailing, when they arrived at Dublin airport to book in for their return flight they discovered she had booked it for 23 March instead of 23 Feb! Of their group of 12 she was the only that had done this! It meant an extra night in Dublin and purchasing another airfare. It also meant she was late back to work, lucky they were understanding. It didnt seem to stress her, she just problem solved, I am proud of her but hopefully she won't make the same mistake again!
I have had a huge week at work, lots of extra hours. Off to Geelong tomorrow for check up appointments, I am looking forward to the weekend!

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