Friday, February 8, 2013


Or a lack of manners should I say! Has anyone else been watching My Kitchen Rules? I couldn't believe the behaviour of the spice girls but thought maybe after they cooked and did so badly they would have a bit of humility and perhaps their previous bad behaviour was due to their age or the fact they really thought they could cook! Not to be! They continued to be rude and bad mannered! I am sure everyone else was playing strategically too and if they genuinely didnt like something there are two ways of commenting. The way they chose was so wrong!
I find it amazing that the teams don't seem to have set tasks or timetables sorted before they start cooking or that they don't seem to have practised and practised the dish and also that they don't make a spare helping or two or even taste the food before serving it ! Of course I am perfect - NOT! And would never ever make it on the show! Of course the Tassie team is my favourite so far!


Kayly said...

Actually I think the Tassie father and son team are many people's favourite. They are polite, pleasant and supportive.
I was ashamed of and embarassed by the young ones representing Queensland.

Robyn of Oz said...

I don't watch the show, I read the commentary from The Age newspaper online. Hilarious.
I've seen the ads for the show and I didn't like those two rude and nasty girls; don't think much of the silly up-himself brother of the Queensland(?) kids, and not too fond of Cupcake of Adelaide. She seems to have had her elocution lessons from Kath and Kim.
I adore the father and son team from Tassie. They are lovely, self effacing and humble. If they don't win, then it's rigged! I will avoid watching the episodes, but if I find out they're on, I'd watch, just to cheer them on.

Joolz said...

Oh, I totally agree with you... On everything! What is the point of preparing a dish if you are not familiar with it, how it will looked when cooked and for how long and more so, how to plate it up and present it!
The two young guys put up roast lamb with ... NO veggies! And NO sauce!! And serving up that slop of a dessert (undercooked and collapsed!) should have been instant fail (so rude to do it). I would rather present an empty plate than that swill!
TG the spice girls are gone, lets hope the new lot can cook better than the first rounders. Thy'll need to to hold my interest.