Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Birthday!

Today my Handsome Son has celebrated his 17th Birthday! We took him, 8 other teenagers and 5 parents in total to a city 2 hours away for a day of paintballing!!! We all played although I became the official photographer after the first two games! It was lots of fun, there are lots of bruises and I'm sure lots of tall tales about the day.


Jo Jo said...

All I can say is ouch, ouch OUCH!!! Paintball can be very painful....I know from experience...maybe that was because I was laughing so much that I was fired on by my own team!!! OOOOOOuch!!! Jo xo

Anita said...

You've had a very busy and enjoyable week. It is always nice to see you kids grow up, but bittersweet as well. My son is 35 and there are days I miss the sweet cuddly little boy of 3 or 4, now he is older, but no less sweet. LOL

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday, belatedly, to him! My son loves paintball, too, but your right about the bruises!