Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Off to market!

Well I am hopeless!!! It is now almost a fortnight since I posted and since I spent the weekend in Melbourne at the Australian Quilt Market. It is also about that amount of time since I have caught up on everyone elses blogs!!
Had a great weekend at the AQM. Robyn released her new quilt, 'The Sewing Circle' 50's themed. It was well received which is great. I loved seeing what everyone else had and there are a few patterns I saw which will be ordered soon!!! Shame they didn't come with 'time' included to complete the projects! Robyn and her
son painted this life size 50's model for the show. We named her 'Edie' and had great fun changing the saying in her speech bubble over the weekend! Some of them were a little naughty! Others for example were , 'Housework is evil, It must be stopped!'and ' I haven't had my coffee yet, don't make me kill you'. She was really gorgeous and Robyn and Lewis are very talented.

This is post no. 100 and I have decided not to do a giveaway to celebrate. Instead as the festive season is looming quickly (far too quickly!) I am popping a few small surprises in the mail for some of my earliest blogging friends who supported me when I took such a big step and set up this blog! I will have a giveaway in the early part of next year when I am not feeling so overwhelmed and can put together something special!!

Hoping to get back to blogging regularly (how often do I say that??) now, lots to tell!!!

Oh and once again, no I'm not in the photos, it's Robyn, Rex and my Mum!

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Chookyblue...... said...

all sound slike fun and congrats on your 100th post........