Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lots of bits and pieces!

Had a lovely but busy day yesterday and I actually have some photos to share! No, not of work I've been doing - that's all still top secret, and yes I have been plodding away and may actually make the swap deadlines!!! I had what feels like an odd day off and boy did it go quickly and did my list still have a lot on it at the end of the day! Mum and her friend Sue came over and as usual Mum was not empty handed! She spoils us so much and always makes us feel loved
The roses are actually from our garden and SH often brings in an armful for me to enjoy inside. These are a few days old but are just beautiful and mostly scented. It is worth a snuffly nose to enjoy the beauty!!

Mum made the cupcake pincushion for an end of year challenge at the doll group she goes to. Of course she wasn't happy with the first one and wondered if I'd like it. There was no hesitation on my part!! The box of gold tealights was just because!!! She'd found them shopping the day before and thought I might enjoy them!!

Every year Mum makes us an item to decorate our home over Christmas and yesterday she delivered this years. They are not great photos, I wish you could all visit in person to see it yourself. It is a wall hanging with 'The twelve days of Christmas' stitched. The rust color that she has bound it with is not a traditional Christmas color but it looks fantastic. I may even not pack it away in the New Year. Haven't decided on it's final position for the 'Silly season' but will play over the next few days!!
Received a card from my 'fairy godmother' Aunt Jude yesterday. She thought I might enjoy this 'Pig Wand'!!! We both struggle with our weight and when she saw these at her church fete recently thought it would give me a giggle.(Just realised it is hard to see what it says: Magic Pig Wand, Wave over food once to remove kilojoules. Wave twice over desserts. Now Pig Out!) Think it will be used today as I am in the midst of making chocolate caramel tarts to take to work for our fundraising morning tea!! Yum, I hope they turn out as well as Sarah's from . Also taking some cheese scones with quince paste. We have a morning tea each Wednesday morning and each department takes a turn in catering and then choosing which charity to donate the gold coin donations to.
Congratulations today to my sister-in-law Nene & her husband Steve celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary!


Owens Family Adventures said...

Mothers are wonderful things! :)
I struggle with my weight too. I keep telling myself that is the little victories that will win the war.....and then other times I say to heck with the victories and give me some cake!! hahahahaa
Have a great day over on your side of the world my friend!

Tanya said...

What a lot of work whe put into that 12 Days of Chrismas! Such fun!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday even of it is belated. Birthdays can go on for a week or two. Quince paste is something else isn't it.

Alison Boon said...

Love the pig wand. Everyone should have one.