Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've been on holidays this week. Quite unplanned and not for any special reason other than I have plenty due to me and I haven't had any since January and was feeling like I could use a few days to catch up with myself, clean the house, do some stitching, read a few books and completely organise Christmas including cards and gifts!!!! Mmmm how successful was I ???? I wasn't! My biggest (and only) achievement for the week was to get my two swaps finished and in the mail and of course they both seemed to take a lot longer to finish than I expected! Because they are swaps I can't even show you photos and prove that I have indeed been stitching but my SSCS and decoration swap are on their way! As Murphys Law would have it , because I was on holidays this week I was called up for Jury duty and had to present for 3 days this week. Luckily court was cancelled and I wasn't needed!
Had a wonderful blogging experience in the last week or so. I had an email from a lurker wondering if I was a friend of hers from when I lived in Canberra. We had stayed in touch but due to me it had become just at Christmas each year. She is a very talented stitcher / quilter and an even better friend. I am so thrilled to be back in regular contact. I would love her to start a blog especially as the way she decorates for the silly season is amazing!!
This week my darling children have had exams. It is always a week I dread. They are tired and uptight and I am anxious for them and at the same time sure they could study a little more!! After a final 2 yesterday for HS and 3 for the 'horsey' one they are finished for another year! Only 1 week of school left then summer holidays and we are all ready for it. Going off to work in the mornings is so much easier if there are not uniforms and lunches to prepare and kids to try and prise out of bed!!! By the end of January I will be craving the routine again!!
Another busy weekend ahead, the 'horsey' one played in her basketball grand final last night and won by 1! so a very happy girl! while HS refereed 2 grand finals. This morning I am off to the boarding house to do a 24hour shift while SH is taking the 'horsey' one and Jimmy to a local agricultural show to take part in the horse and dog events. It will be quite an unfamiliar and interesting experience for him!!!!! HS has baseball this afternoon then a party to celebrate his friend's 16th birthday at a farm just out of town, fully supervised bbq and pool party - just the way I like it when I don't have to worry!!

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