Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silly Season - Day 8

This week we have welcomed 'Henry' to the family! The new love for 'the horsey one'. She has been very unlucky with her last 2 horses just not turning out to be suitable for one reason or another so after a term without a horse (to concentrate on her schoolwork!!) we have found Henry. We have him on trial for the summer holidays and if he works out we will buy him. Up until now we have been able to free lease her horses but it is time for her very own. Fingers crossed he will be everything she wants with no major character flaws. So far he is very sweet natured.

(yes I know I am a day behind - story of my life!!!)


Jo Jo said...

wow wow wow!!! I love horses!!! Henry looks very sweet and very smart...I hope things work out...I am looking out for another horse too, 6 months so far, just to wait for the right one to come along. Good luck! Jo xox

Owens Family Adventures said...

He is just gorgeous!!! Congrats to the Horsey One!!