Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silly Season - Day 3

Saturday was one of the local agricultural shows. It is where we have our home ground for our Pony Club so we run the Pony Club ring in the horse events and try and support it and keep it going. Compared to the past it is such a small little show but so quaint and has a personality all of its own. The horse events are still very well attended and apart from a fleece competition the next biggest thing is the 'Dog Competitions'!!!!! For the 2nd year we took Jimmy ( I was very reluctant but 'the horsey one' convinced me she could control him!! ). He came home with 3 ribbons, a 1st for The Best Large Pet Dog, a 1st for The Longest Ears, and for the 2nd year in a row a 2nd ribbon for the Most Obedient Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No he wasn't the only one in that class and maybe just maybe the human food (including cheese) that 'the horsey one' was feeding him kept him still. His father is very proud of his puppy!!! but I am still not convinced!!!

This evening I have made some decisions which I feel better for doing but feel so guilty. I have to learn to slow down and learn to say NO occasionally if I am going to struggle for time. I have a tendency to try and please everyone else and don't always look after myself. Life is busy but I have been putting ridiculous pressures on myself to do everything. I am hoping the person I am letting down this weekend understands.


Pen Pen said...

I plan to slow down and enjoy the season this year too... it's been awhile since I've done that. My daughter and I are going to see Disney on Ice this morning.... just because. :D

Calidore said...

I need to come to you for lessons on slowing down...vbg. You need some time out for yourself and in the long run everyone will benefit from it - especially you. Enjoy your time off guilt free - we can't do everything although we all try to.

Cardygirl said...

Just do the best you can with what time you & your family take priority over all else. You need down time too!

Owens Family Adventures said...

How handsome has Jimmy become!!!!!! Congrats to him and your daughter!!

I think that it's really good advice for us all to slow down a bit. Just enjoy the Christmas season with our families....making memories. I'm sure the person you had to say no to will understand.
Hugs my friend!!!!